"This was a great experience that not many people get to take part in. I learned more than I ever imagined I could learn in a school semester."

Sam Wallander, Brillion High School InvenTeam student

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News Articles

Eureka Springs Robotics Team Receives Grants
EASTproject.org, 12/2/09

Students create buzz with water device
Knoxville News Sentinel, 11/28/09

ORHS team gets $10K for 'Wildcat Water Purifier'
The Oak Ridger, 10/28/09

Commack students get $8,100 grant to make energy-saving device
Newsday, 10/20/09

Hillside New Tech receives $7,000 grant
News & Observer, 10/20/09

"High school inventors find a way to sort jumbled computer cables"
Gazette.net, 9/16/09

"Students devise a mariner's lifesaver"
boston.com, 6/8/09

"Bullitt Central team may bottle up a win"
courier-journal.com (Louisville, Kentucky), 5/26/09

"Light-up computer cord steals D.C. show"
Ohio.com, 3/23/09

"A Very Bright idea"
Education Week, 3/2/09

"Group uses MIT grant to invent cable that lights when touched"
Gazette.net, 2/11/09

"Classrooms crank up energy-saving projects"
Deseret News, 12/30/08

"Driven by the wonders of science"
Boston.com, 12/21/08

"Oviedo High Inventors Receive National Grant" (Video)
wftv.com (Central Florida), 11/25/08

"Investing in Education"
Technology and Learning Magazine, 11/15/08
Brillion High School InvenTeam (2008)

"Clarksburg students earn grant to fund invention"
Gazette.net (Maryland Community Newspapers Online), 11/12/08

"Whitewater Lemelson-MIT InvenTeam"
Technology Student Association, 11/08

"GP students receive invention grant to create Paraplegic Ag Lift"
The Boomerang!, 11/6/08

"Science projects for the real world"
The Boston Globe, 10/27/08

"Protecting Crops From Freezing Weather"
cfnews13.com (Central Florida News 13), 10/24/08

"Students' prize warms hearts — and citrus"
Orlandosentinel.com, 10/17/08

"Stebbins Awarded Prestigious Lemelson-MIT InvenTeam Grant"
Mad River Local Schools, 10/15/08

"Students use Linear Guide System on One-of-a-Kind Invention"
MotionControl.com, 9/3/08

"You're Never Too Young to be a Green Inventor"
PlanetGreen.com, 8/14/08

"Building a Better Motorbike"
Minnesota Public Radio, 7/24/08

"MIT Engages Gloucester Youth in Science"
MIT News, 7/24/08

"Students Create a Green Machine"
Southwest Review News, 7/24/08

"2008 InvenTeams Odyssey"
Nolan's Notes, 7/24/08

"Inventive Teens Tackle Help Projects for Africa"
The Oregonian, 7/19/08

"Visually impaired get a helping hand: Flowers students pursue patent for homing device"
Gazette.net, 7/17/08

"Teens design green motorcycle" (Video)
CNN, 7/10/08

"Bromfield Invention Club Seeks to Help the Visually Impaired"
The Harvard Press, 7/4/08

"Yeah, I Invented That"
Discovery News: Sustainable, 6/29/08

"MIT Gets Inventive with 'EurekaFest'"
Metro Boston News, 6/27/08

"Gann Students Mix Minds a Mettle"
The Daily News Tribune, 6/26/08

"Teen Inventors Use Grant to Give Disabled Classmates a Voice"
The Virginian-Pilot, 6/24/08

"Inventing From the Ground Up"
Ideas Forward, Spring 2008

"The Decombustors" (PDF)
Imagine, Jan/Feb 2008

"RHS Students Create Better EPIRB for Fishermen"
Wicked Local Essex, 1/18/08

"Rockport Ingenuity, MIT Grant Could Save Lives at Sea"
Gloucester Daily Times, 10/31/07

"Which Way Does the Wind Blow?"
The Star Tribune, 10/18/07

"Meet the High School Gadget Inventors"
CNet News Blog, 10/9/07

"MIT Awards 'Invention' Grants to 16 High Schools"
Boston Business Journal, 10/9/07

"Helping Henry"
Palo Alto Online, 8/21/07

"Science Fair for Overachieving Teens"
CNet News Blog, 6/22/07

"Young Inventors"
WBUR FM, 6/21/07

"Teen Inventions Help Stroke Patients"
FoxNews.com, 6/21/07

"Future Edisons"
Times Argus, 6/21/07

"InvenTeams Devices Support Health and Care"
MIT News, 6/20/07

"After-school Inventors Get Funding"
The Boston Globe, 6/14/07

"High School Students Schowcase Inventions"
MIT News, 6/28/06

"Young Inventors Set Out to Solve Old Problems"
USA Today, 6/20/06

"Inventing by Trial, Error, and Teamwork"
The Boston Globe, 6/16/06

"Watermelons and Robots Fuel Student Imaginations"
MIT News, 6/16/05

"Teaching Invention"
The Connection,WBUR FM, 6/9/05

"A Season of Potholes to Mar any Ball Joint"
USA Today, 4/4/05

"Team Lights Way to Safe Crossings"
The Boston Globe, 6/20/04