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I am amazed at what quick studies the kids are. They learned about new software, hardware, and wireless technologies at a fast pace.

Barbara Petroulis,
mentor and mother of InvenTeam member,
Mac Devlin



The Bromfield School
Harvard, Mass.
Memory-assist device for people with Alzheimer's,
dementia, and other memory-related illnesses

  • According to an InvenTeam student presenter, "By 2050 one out of 85 people will have some form of Alzheimer's disease."

  • The device, known as the A-pod, combines a user-friendly, three-button bridge shell with a Bluetooth-enabled Palm TX-PDA.

  • The user is sent alerts until a task is completed. When the user doesn't complete the task the caregiver is contacted.

  • The team developed sensors and tested A-pod interaction with a pill box and a door, and they also plan to adapt this technology for the stove and bathtub.