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Columbus School for Girls
Columbus, Ohio
Modern High School Locker

  • To guide design modifications of the current-day locker, the InvenTeam submitted a 20-question survey to fellow 2007 InvenTeams and local schools in its area.

  • The InvenTeam worked with professors from Ohio State University and Republic Storage Systems in Canton, Ohio, to develop the modern-locker design.

  • Design modifications include: an entertainment-system style door to alleviate the problem of swinging doors; both vertical and horizontal components to maximize space; and a biometric locker system for quick and secure storage.

  • The InvenTeam hopes to add other components to the locker including: a power source for electronics, lighting system, and RFID tags.

  • The InvenTeam may collaborate with Republic Storage System to create a prototype that will be competitive with current locker designs.