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Farmington Harrison High School
Farmington Hills, Mich.
Aquatic autonomous remote monitoring system to measure ecological variables

The Farmington Harrison High School InvenTeam is constructing an autonomous, GPS-guided research boat/submersible system to measure the effects of numerous environmental factors on local inland lakes. Named the Aquatic Autonomous Remote Monitoring System (AARMoS), the boat pilots itself to a specific coordinate location on the water where it deploys one or more sensor-loaded capsules to the bottom of the lake. At the specified coordinate location, the capsule takes measurements of various ecological variables in the water. The robot can be used for environmental research by many governmental agencies, organizations and companies to measure the impact of human civilization on inland water systems. The boat is a convenient, portable (it fits in the back of a van), and a cost-effective platform that is highly adaptable for many types of research projects. The AARMoS will cost less than $1000 per unit, making it a financially advantageous alternative to current aquatic environmental monitoring systems.