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Oregon Episcopal School
Portland, Ore.
Human-powered irrigation pump

The Oregon Episcopal School InvenTeam is taking on the challenge to develop a human powered irrigation pressure pump for deep wells that could be deployed into the developing world. The pump should allow a single personís labor to move enough water to grow a yearís supply of food during a single growing season. If water could be provided by the equivalent of one personís labor, the others would be freed to attend school, work in the fields to increase productivity, or engage in other activities that would increase the cash flow into the family. In this way these families might be able to move beyond subsistence farming and take the first steps towards a higher quality of life. The pump must be inexpensive so that families can use micro-credit loans to purchase it, and must be robust and simple to repair so it can meet harsh environmental conditions.

The InvenTeam received a 2009 Continuation Grant.