MIT Institutional Research
Office of the Provost
  Research Expenditures by Primary Sponsor


MIT is one of the leading research universities in the world. Basic and applied research at MIT is conducted in two principal locations, the MIT campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts and off-campus at the MIT Lincoln Laboratory, a federally funded research and development center (FFRDC) in Lexington, Massachusetts.

All research support received by MIT faculty and research staff from federal sources is awarded competitively, based on the scientific and technical merit of proposals.

Chart of Campus Research Expenditures by Primary Sponsor for Fiscal Year 2016

These numbers represent expenditures by primary originating sponsor. Federal totals include funding that is passed through other sources (universities, etc.)

Campus Research Expenditures
by Primary Sponsor for FY2016
in thousands of U.S. dollars*
Department of Defense 131,624
Department of Energy 84,419
Department of Health and Human Services   113,522
NASA 49,664
National Science Foundation 82,161
Other Federal Agencies 15,738
Total Federal 477,129
Industrial 128,309
Foundations and other Nonprofits 84,015
State, Local, and Foreign Governments 28,495
Internal 10,166
Total Non-Federal 250,985
Grand Total 728,113
*Numbers may not total due to rounding.