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Benjamin Franklin Medal

Faculty - Current: 6
Goldwasser, Shafi2010Computer and Cognitive Science
Guth, Alan H.*2001Physics
Jaenisch, Rudolf2013Life Science
Ketterle, Wolfgang2000Physics
Langer, Robert S.*2016Life Science
Lippard, Stephen J.*2015Chemistry
MIT Alumni: 1
Widrow, Bernard2001Electrical Engineering
Faculty - Emeritus: 4
Chomsky, Noam1999Computer and Cognitive Science
Flemings, Merton C.*2007Materials Science
Kleppner, Daniel2014Physics
Stubbe, JoAnne2010Chemistry
Faculty - Former: 2
Sharpless, K. Barry2001Chemistry
Whitesides, George M.2009Chemistry
Staff - Former: 3
Ambros, Victor*2008Life Science
Störmer, Horst L.1998Physics (shared with Daniel C. Tsui)
Tsui, Daniel C.1998Physics (shared with Horst L. Stormer)
Faculty - Deceased: 2
Biemann, Klaus2007Chemistry
Minsky, Marvin L.2001Computer and Cognitive Science

Benjamin Franklin Medal total: 18

*also MIT Alum

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Bower Award

MIT Alumni: 1
Jacobs, Irwin M.2001Business Leadership
Faculty - Former: 1
Cahn, John W.2002Materials Science
Faculty - Deceased: 1
Rich, Alexander2000Life Science

Bower Award total: 3

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