MIT Institutional Research
Office of the Provost


Faculty - Current: 52
Banerjee, Abhijit2000Economics
Berger, Suzanne1979Political Science
Berinsky, Adam2016 
Bertschinger, Edmund2007Astronomy-Astrophysics
Berwick, Robert C.*1987Computer Science
Boyle, Edward A.*1991Earth Science
Brown, Emery N.2015Applied Mathematics
Chen, Gang2002Engineering
Chen, Min1985Physics
Cheng, Hung1970Physics
Chisholm, Sallie W.1997Organismic Biology and Ecology
Conrad, Janet M.2009Physics
de Neufville, Richard*1973Engineering
Demaine, Erik D.2013Computer Science (jointly with Martin Demaine)
Doyle, Patrick S.2009Engineering
Fink, Gerald R.1974Molecular and Cellular Biology
Fogelson, Robert M.1973United States History
Goemans, Michel X.*2007Computer Science
Guillemin, Victor W.1988Mathematics
Harbison, John H.1977Music Composition
Hughes, Scott A.2012Physics
Hynes, Richard O.*1982Molecular and Cellular Biology
Jensen, Klavs F.1987Engineering
Joannopoulos, John D.1981Physics
Kac, Victor1986Mathematics
Kardar, Mehran*2001Physics
Lauffenburger, Douglas A.1989Engineering
Lee, Patrick*1995Physics
Levenson, Thomas2016 
Lippard, Stephen J.*1971Chemistry
Lo, Andrew W.2002Economics
Lodish, Harvey F.1977Molecular and Cellular Biology
Lusztig, George1982Mathematics
Makan, Keeril2012Music Composition
Melrose, Richard B.1992Mathematics
Mrowka, Tomasz S.*2010Mathematics
Perry, Ruth1987English Literature
Poonen, Bjorn2011Mathematics
Prelec, Drazen2005Psychology
Ritvo, Harriet1989English Literature
Rose, Nancy L.*2004Economics
Scheib, Jay R.2011Drama and Performance Art
Silbey, Susan S.2008Law
Smith, Merritt Roe1982United States History
Spirn, Anne Whiston2007Architecture, Planning, and Design
Stanley, Richard P.1983Mathematics
Turkle, Sherry R.1980Sociology
Uricchio, William2003Film, Video, and Radio Studies
Vale, Lawrence*1995Architecture, Planning, and Design
Walker, Graham C.1984Molecular and Cellular Biology
Yablo, Stephen2012Philosophy
Zwiebach, Barton1996Physics
Staff - Current: 7
Demaine, Martin2013Computer Science (jointly with Erik Demaine)
Frankel, Felice1995Science Writing
Funkhouser, Erica2007Poetry
Oliva, Aude2014Computer Science
Ruehr, Elena2014Music Composition
Tirole, Jean* - Visiting Faculty1988Economics
Zhang, Shuguang2006Engineering
MIT Alumni: 2
Bates, Robert H.1985 
Field, George B.1960Astronomy-Astrophysics
Faculty - Emeritus: 59
Bamberger, Jeanne S.1988Education
Benedek, George B.1960Physics
Bernstein, Aron M.1968Physics
Bras, Rafael L.*1982Engineering
Burchfiel, B. Clark1985Earth Science
Chomsky, Noam1971Linguistics
Clark, George W.*1962Astronomy-Astrophysics
Deutch, John M.1974Chemistry
Diamond, Peter A.*1982 
Diamond, Peter A.*1965Economics
Dudley, Richard M.1991Statistics
Eckaus, Richard S.*1961Economics
Fisher, Franklin M.1981Economics
Freedman, Daniel Z.1985 
Freedman, Daniel Z.1973Physics
Gallager, Robert G.*1977Computer Science
Garland, Carl W.1963Chemistry
Graham, Loren R.1969Russian History
Grodzins, Lee1971 
Grodzins, Lee1964Physics
Halle, Morris1960Linguistics
Helgason, Sigurdur1964Mathematics
Jackiw, Roman W.1977Physics
Kanigel, Robert2008General Nonfiction
Keller, Evelyn F.2000History of Science and Technology
Keniston, Kenneth1979Psychology
Kerman, Arthur K.*1961Physics
King, Jonathan1986Molecular and Cellular Biology
Kleiman, Steven L.*1979Mathematics
Levy, Frank*1986Economics
Lewin, Walter H. G.1984Astronomy-Astrophysics
Litster, J. David*1971Physics
Lomon, Earle L.*1965Physics
Marx, Leo1965 
Marx, Leo1961American Literature
Mei, Chiang C.1972Applied Mathematics
Negele, John W.1982Physics
Newman, John Nicholas*1973Applied Mathematics
Oppenheim, Alan V.*1972Computer Science
Penman, Sheldon1982Organismic Biology and Ecology
Pettengill, Gordon H.*1980Astronomy-Astrophysics
Probstein, Ronald F.1960Engineering
Rein, Martin1978Sociology
Sacks, Gerald E.1966Mathematics
Schechter, Paul L.2001Astronomy-Astrophysics
Seyferth, Dietmar1967Chemistry
Singer, Isadore M.1975 
Singer, Isadore M.1968Mathematics
Stalnaker, Robert1974Philosophy
Steinfeld, Jeffrey I.*1972Chemistry
Stroock, Daniel W.1978Mathematics
Temin, Peter*2001Economic History
Toomre, Alar*1969Astronomy-Astrophysics
Trilling, Leon1963Astronomy-Astrophysics
Vercoe, Barry L.1982Music Composition
Weiss, Rainer*2000Astronomy-Astrophysics
Wexler, Kenneth1985Psychology
Wolff, Cynthia Griffin1997American Literature
Wunsch, Carl I.*1981Earth Science
Yip, Sidney1972Physics
Faculty - Former: 10
Cahn, John W.1960Physics
Fudenberg, Drew*1990Economics
Maskin, Eric S.1980Economics
Naginski, Erika2007Fine Arts Research
Ozsváth, Peter2008Mathematics
Sharpless, K. Barry1987Chemistry
Slyomovics, Susan1995Near Eastern Studies
Sudan, Madhu - Adjunct Faculty2005Computer Science
van Oudenaarden, Alexander2008Molecular and Cellular Biology
Vempala, Santosh S.2005Computer Science
Staff - Former: 4
Alter, Stephen2002General Nonfiction
Doeleman, Sheperd S.2012Astronomy-Astrophysics
Erman, Geraldine1994Fine Arts
Zadeh, Lotfi A.*1967Applied Mathematics
Faculty - Deceased: 56
Alberty, Robert A.1950Chemistry
Ambrose, Warren1947Mathematics
Anderson, Stanford1969Architecture, Planning, and Design
Benedict, Manson*1968Engineering
Benney, David J.*1964Mathematics
Bers, Abraham*1968Physics
Biemann, Klaus1983Molecular and Cellular Biology
Boolos, George1996Philosophy
Brace, William F.*1960Earth Science
Brenner, Howard1988Engineering
Brown, Edgar Cary1956Economics
Buchanan, John M.1964Molecular and Cellular Biology
Deutsch, Martin*1953, 1960Physics
Dornbusch, Rudiger1979Economics
Dyck, Martin1961German and Scandinavian Literature
Earls, Paul1970Music Composition
Elliott, John F.*1964Engineering
Feshbach, Herman1954Physics
Frieden, Bernard J.*1975Architecture, Planning, and Design
Harleman, Donald R F.*1968Engineering
Haus, Hermann A.*1959Engineering
Howard, Louis N.1961Mathematics
Huang, Kerson*1965Physics
Ingard, Karl Uno*1959Physics
Ingram, Vernon M.1967Molecular and Cellular Biology
Kaufmann, William Weed1951Political Science
Kay, Lily E.1997History of Science and Technology
Kaysen, Carl1955Economics
Kostant, Bertram1959Mathematics
Koster, George F.*1954Physics
Lax, Benjamin*1981Applied Mathematics
Lin, Chia-Chiao1960 
Lin, Chia-Chiao1954Applied Mathematics
Low, Francis E.1961Physics
Magasanik, Boris1957Molecular and Cellular Biology
Maier, Pauline1988United States History
Malkus, Willem V. R.1979 
Malkus, Willem V. R.1971Applied Mathematics
Melcher, James R.1971Applied Mathematics
Osborne, Louis S.*1959Physics
Papert, Seymour A.1980Education
Rich, Alexander1963Molecular and Cellular Biology
Rodwin, Lloyd1964Architecture, Planning, and Design
Rogers, Jr., Hartley1960Mathematics
Ross, Stephen A.1975Economics
Samuelson, Paul A.1948Economics
Silbey, Robert J.1972Chemistry
Singer, Irving1965Philosophy
Stevens, Kenneth N.*1962Engineering
Tisza, Laszlo1962Physics
Toong, Tau Yi*1958Engineering
Villars, Felix M. H.1956Physics
Waugh, John S.1962Chemistry
Weiner, Charles1970History of Science and Technology
Weisskopf, Victor F.1956Physics
Whitehead, George W.1955Mathematics
Staff - Deceased: 1
Lerman, Leonard1971Molecular and Cellular Biology
MIT Corporation member - Deceased: 2
Saxon, David S.* - Life member1961 
Saxon, David S.* - Life member1956Physics

Guggenheim Fellow total: 193

*also MIT Alum

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