MIT Institutional Research
Office of the Provost


Faculty - Current: 1
Langer, Robert S.*2014Advanced Technology
MIT Alumni: 1
Kalman, Rudolf E.1985Advanced Technology
Faculty - Emeritus: 1
Chomsky, Noam1988Basic Sciences
Faculty - Former: 3
Cahn, John W.2011Advanced Technology
McCarthy, John1988Advanced Technology
Whitesides, George M.2003Advanced Technology
Staff - Former: 1
Kanamori, Hiroo - Visiting Faculty2007Basic Sciences
Faculty - Deceased: 4
Cohen, Morris*1987Advanced Technology
Kingery, W. David*1999Advanced Technology
Lorenz, Edward N.*1991Basic Sciences
Shannon, Claude E.1985Basic Sciences
MIT Alumni - Deceased: 1
Joel, Jr., Amos E.1989Advanced Technology

Kyoto Prize total: 12

*also MIT Alum

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