MIT Institutional Research
Office of the Provost


Faculty - Current: 21
Belcher, Angela M.2004Engineering
Berners-Lee, Timothy1998Computer Science
Collins, James J.2003Bioengineering and Biotechnology
Díaz, Junot2012Fiction
Demaine, Erik D.2003Computer Science
Duflo, Esther*2009Economics
Griffith, Linda G.2006Engineering
Harbison, John H.1989Music
Katabi, Dina*2013Computer Science
Lander, Eric1987Medical Science
Lechtman, Heather N.1984Architecture
Mavalvala, Nergis*2010Physics
Ochsendorf, John A.2008Engineering
Page, David C.1986Molecular Biology and Genetics
Rus, Daniela L.2002Computer Science
Seager, Sara2013Physics
Shor, Peter W.*1999Computer Science
Soljačić, Marin*2008Physics
Wilczek, Frank1982Physics
Williams, Heidi L.2015Economics
Wisdom, Jack1994Astronomy
Staff - Current: 3
Smith, Amy B.*2004Engineering
Stallman, Richard M.1990Computer Science
Zweig, George - Affiliate1981Physics
MIT Alumni: 7
Dichtel, William R.2015Chemistry
Griffith, Saul2007Engineering
Rogers, John A.2009Physics
Sigman, Daniel2009Chemistry
Sims, Karl1998Computer Science
Swartz, Melody2012Engineering
Theriot, Julie2004Biology
Faculty - Emeritus: 3
Keller, Evelyn F.1992History and Philosophy of Science
Piore, Michael J.1984Economics
Toomre, Alar*1984Astronomy
Faculty - Former: 8
Buchwald, Jed Z.1995History and Philosophy of Science
Kremer, Michael1997Economics
Mullainathan, Sendhil2002Economics
Mulligan, Richard*1981Medical Science
Sabel, Charles1982Economics
Spielman, Daniel A.*2012Computer Science
Steidel, Charles2002Astronomy
Wrighton, Mark S.1983Chemistry
Staff - Former: 5
Coates, Ta-Nehisi P.2015Journalism
Huybers, Peter* - Affiliate2009Earth and Environmental Sciences
Lane, Harlan - Affiliate1991History
Matsuoka, Yoky*2007Computer Science
Mootha, Vamsi2004Molecular Biology and Genetics

MacArthur Fellow total: 47

*also MIT Alum

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