MIT Institutional Research
Office of the Provost


Faculty - Current: 8
Chisholm, Sallie W.2012 
Graybiel, Ann M.*2001Biological Sciences
Jaenisch, Rudolf2011 
Langer, Robert S.*2006 
Lippard, Stephen J.*2004 
Sharp, Phillip A.2004 
Solomon, Susan1999 
Weinberg, Robert A.*1997Biological Sciences
MIT Corporation member: 1
Jackson, Shirley Ann* - Life member2015 
MIT Alumni: 4
Brauman, John I.2002Chemistry
Corey, Jr., Elias J.1988Chemistry
Kleinrock, Leonard2007 
Schrieffer, John Robert1983Physical Sciences
Faculty - Emeritus: 6
Artin, Michael2015 
Baltimore, David1999Biological Sciences
Kleppner, Daniel2006 
Singer, Isadore M.1983Mathematics and Computer Science
Solow, Robert M.1999Behavioral and Social Science
Stubbe, JoAnne2008 
Staff - Retired: 1
Goodenough, John B. - Lincoln Laboratory2012 
Faculty - Former: 5
Cahn, John W.1998Chemistry
Gates, Jr., Sylvester James*2012 
Townes, Charles H.1982Physical Sciences
Weinberg, Steven1991Physical Sciences
Whitesides, George M.1998Chemistry
Staff - Former: 4
Cech, Thomas R. - postdoctoral researcher1995Chemistry
Ramsey, Norman F. - Radiation Laboratory1988Physical Sciences
Steinberger, Jack - Radiation Laboratory1988Physical Sciences
Thomas, E. Donnall - postdoctoral researcher1990Biological Sciences
Faculty - Deceased: 21
Benedict, Manson*1975Engineering
Bush, Vannevar1963Engineering
Cohen, Morris*1976Engineering
Draper, Charles Stark1964Behavioral and Social Science
Dresselhaus, Mildred S.1990Engineering
Edgerton, Harold E.*1973Engineering
Feshbach, Herman1986Physical Sciences
Haus, Hermann A.*1995Engineering
Khorana, H. Gobind1987Biological Sciences
Lewis, Warren K.1965Engineering
Lindquist, Susan2010 
Luria, Salvador E.1991Biological Sciences
Rich, Alexander1995Biological Sciences
Rossi, Bruno B.1983Physical Sciences
Samuelson, Paul A.1996Behavioral and Social Science
Shannon, Claude E.1966Engineering
Stevens, Kenneth N.*1999Engineering
Stever, H. Guyford - Radiation Laboratory1991 
Trump, John G.*1983Engineering
Weisskopf, Victor F.1979Physical Sciences
Wiener, Norbert1963Mathematics and Computer Science
Staff - Deceased: 6
Alvarez, Luis W. - Radiation Laboratory1963Physical Sciences
Bethe, Hans A. - Radiation Laboratory1975Physical Sciences
Land, Edwin H.1967Engineering
McMillan, Edwin M. - Radiation Laboratory1990Physical Sciences
Purcell, Edward M. - Radiation Laboratory1979Physical Sciences
Schwinger, Julian - Radiation Laboratory1964Physical Sciences
MIT Alumni - Deceased: 2
Feynman, Richard P.1979Physical Sciences
Woodward, Robert Burns1964Physical Sciences

National Medal of Science total: 58

*also MIT Alum

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