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Faculty - Current: 60
Agarwal, Anant*2013Computer Science and Engineering
Armstrong, Robert C.*2008Chemical Engineering
Arvind2008Computer Science and Engineering
Balakrishnan, Hari2015 
Barnhart, Cynthia*2010 
Berners-Lee, Timothy2007Computer Science and Engineering
Bertsimas, Dimitris*2005Industrial, Manufacturing and Operational Systems
Bhatia, Sangeeta*2015 
Brown, Emery N.2015 
Chakraborty, Arup K.2004Chemical Engineering
Chandrakasan, Anantha P.2015 
Chen, Gang2010 
Chiang, Yet-Ming*2009Materials Engineering
Cima, Michael J.2011 
Collins, James J.2011Bioengineering
Crawley, Edward F.*1998Aerospace Engineering
Drela, Mark*2009Aerospace Engineering
Eagar, Thomas W.*1997Materials Engineering
Edelman, Elazer R.*2012 
Entekhabi, Dara*2017 
Fujimoto, James G.*2001Electronics, Communication, and Information Systems Engineering
Gleason, Karen K.*2015 
Goldwasser, Shafi2005Computer Science and Engineering
Greitzer, Edward M.1995Aerospace Engineering
Griffith, Linda G.2011 
Hammond, Paula T.*2017 
Hansman, Jr., R. John*2013Aerospace Engineering
Harris, Wesley L.1995Aerospace Engineering
Hastings, Daniel E.*2017 
Horn, Berthold K. P.*2002Computer Science and Engineering
Jensen, Klavs F.2002Chemical Engineering
Kaashoek, M. Frans2006Computer Science and Engineering
Katabi, Dina*2017 
Kirtley, Jr., James L.*2007Electric Power/Energy Systems Engineering
Klibanov, Alexander M.1993Bioengineering
Langer, Robert S.*1992Bioengineering
Larson, Richard*1993Industrial, Manufacturing and Operational Systems
Lauffenburger, Douglas A.2001Bioengineering
Leighton, F. Thomson*2004Computer Science and Engineering
Leiserson, Charles E.2016Computer Science and Engineering
Leveson, Nancy2000Computer Science and Engineering
Lynch, Nancy A.*2001Computer Science and Engineering
Magnanti, Thomas L.1991Industrial, Manufacturing and Operational Systems
Micali, Silvio2007Computer Science and Engineering
Pentland, Alex "Sandy"*2014 
Reif, L. Rafael2015 
Rivest, Ronald L.1990Computer Science and Engineering
Rus, Daniela L.2015 
Slocum, Alexander H.*2017 
Stephanopoulos, George1999Chemical Engineering
Stephanopoulos, Gregory2003Bioengineering
Strano, Michael S.2017 
Sussman, Gerald J.*2000Computer Science and Engineering
Tsitsiklis, John N.*2007Electronics, Communication, and Information Systems Engineering
Waitz, Ian A.2014 
Wang, Daniel I. C.*1986Bioengineering
Whittle, Andrew J.*2010 
Widnall, Sheila E.*1985Aerospace Engineering
Wittrup, K. Dane2012 
Yannas, Ioannis V.*2017 
Staff - Current: 9
Clark, David D.*1996Computer Science and Engineering
Delaney, William P.* - Lincoln Laboratory2012 
Evans, Eric D. - Lincoln Laboratory2015 
Forney, G. David* - Adjunct Faculty1983 
Liebeck, Robert H.1992Aerospace Engineering
Stallman, Richard M.2002Computer Science and Engineering
Stokes, Grant H. - Lincoln Laboratory2016Aerospace Engineering
Stonebraker, Michael - Adjunct Faculty1997Computer Science and Engineering
Toner, Mehmet - Affiliated Faculty2017 
MIT Corporation member: 2
Gelb, Arthur - Life member emeritus2010 
Metcalfe, Robert M.* - Life member emeritus1997Computer Science and Engineering
MIT Alumni: 5
Agrawal, Rakesh2002Chemical Engineering
Dowell, Earl H.1993Aerospace Engineering
Loewy, Robert G.1971Aerospace Engineering
Rogers, John A.2011Materials Engineering
Schultz, Peter C.2001 
Faculty - Emeritus: 56
Antoniadis, Dimitri2006Electronics, Communication, and Information Systems Engineering
Apostolakis, George2007Electric Power/Energy Systems Engineering
Argon, Ali S.*1989Materials Engineering
Baggeroer, Arthur B.*1995Special Fields and Interdisciplinary Engineering
Bertsekas, Dimitri P.*2001Electronics, Communication, and Information Systems Engineering
Boyce, Mary*2012 
Bras, Rafael L.*2001Civil Engineering
Brooks, Rodney2004Computer Science and Engineering
Brown, Robert A.1991Chemical Engineering
Cohen, Robert E.*2010 
Corbato, Fernando J.*1976Computer Science and Engineering
Dennis, Jack B.*2009Computer Science and Engineering
Eagleson, Peter S.*1982Special Fields and Interdisciplinary Engineering
Epstein, Alan H.*1999Aerospace Engineering
Evans, Lawrence B.2001Chemical Engineering
Flemings, Merton C.*1976Materials Engineering
Flowers, Woodie C.*1994Mechanical Engineering
Gallager, Robert G.*1979Electronics, Communication, and Information Systems Engineering
Gray, Paul E.*1975Electronics, Communication, and Information Systems Engineering
Hansen, Kent F.*1982Electric Power/Energy Systems Engineering
Heywood, John B.*1998Mechanical Engineering
Ippen, Erich P.*1985Electronics, Communication, and Information Systems Engineering
Kassakian, John G.*1994Electric Power/Energy Systems Engineering
Kerrebrock, Jack L.1978Aerospace Engineering
Kerwin, Justin E.*2000Special Fields and Interdisciplinary Engineering
Latanision, Ronald M.1985Materials Engineering
Lee, Shih-Ying*1985Mechanical Engineering
Liskov, Barbara1988Computer Science and Engineering
Little, John D. C.*1989Industrial, Manufacturing and Operational Systems
Magee, Christopher L.1997Special Fields and Interdisciplinary Engineering
McWhorter, Alan L.*1983Electronics, Communication, and Information Systems Engineering
Mei, Chiang C.1986Special Fields and Interdisciplinary Engineering
Merrill, Edward W.*2013Bioengineering
Milgram, Jerome*1995Special Fields and Interdisciplinary Engineering
Mitter, Sanjoy K.1988Electronics, Communication, and Information Systems Engineering
Moses, Joel*1986Computer Science and Engineering
Murman, Earll M.1991Aerospace Engineering
Newman, John Nicholas*1989Special Fields and Interdisciplinary Engineering
Nightingale, Deborah J. - Affiliate1993Industrial, Manufacturing and Operational Systems
Odoni, Amedeo R.*2011 
Oppenheim, Alan V.*1987Electronics, Communication, and Information Systems Engineering
Parker, Ronald R.*1988Electric Power/Energy Systems Engineering
Penfield, Jr., Paul*1994Electronics, Communication, and Information Systems Engineering
Probstein, Ronald F.1977Mechanical Engineering
Saltzer, Jerome H.*1998Computer Science and Engineering
Senturia, Stephen D.*2003Electronics, Communication, and Information Systems Engineering
Sheridan, Thomas B.*1995Industrial, Manufacturing and Operational Systems
Smith, Henry I.1989Electronics, Communication, and Information Systems Engineering
Smith, Kenneth A.*1983Chemical Engineering
Suresh, Subra*2002Materials Engineering
Thomas, Edwin L.2009Materials Engineering
Todreas, Neil E.*1988Electric Power/Energy Systems Engineering
Willsky, Alan*2010 
Wilson, Gerald L.*1980Electric Power/Energy Systems Engineering
Young, Laurence R.*1980Bioengineering
Zue, Victor W.*2004Computer Science and Engineering
Staff - Retired: 2
Drake, Elisabeth M.*1992Chemical Engineering
Kingston, Robert H.*1990Electronics, Communication, and Information Systems Engineering
Faculty - Former: 4
Cahn, John W.1998Materials Engineering
Gast, Alice P.2001Chemical Engineering
Symons, James M.*1994Civil Engineering
Yurek, Gregory J.2011 
Staff - Former: 5
Ehrich, Fredric F.*1992Mechanical Engineering
Livingston, James D.1994Materials Engineering
Marble, Frank E. - Visiting Faculty1974Aerospace Engineering
Rosensweig, Ronald E.* - Affiliate1985Chemical Engineering
Zadeh, Lotfi A.*1973Computer Science and Engineering
Faculty - Deceased: 64
Backer, Stanley*1992Special Fields and Interdisciplinary Engineering
Benedict, Manson*1967Electric Power/Energy Systems Engineering
Brenner, Howard1980Chemical Engineering
Brown, Gordon S.1965Electric Power/Energy Systems Engineering
Coble, Robert L.1978Special Fields and Interdisciplinary Engineering
Cohen, Morris*1972Materials Engineering
Covert, Eugene E.*1980Aerospace Engineering
Crandall, Stephen H.*1977Mechanical Engineering
Davenport, Jr., Wilbur B.*1975Electronics, Communication, and Information Systems Engineering
Dertouzos, Michael L.*1990Computer Science and Engineering
Draper, Charles Stark 
Dresselhaus, Mildred S.1974Electronics, Communication, and Information Systems Engineering
Dyer, Ira*1976Special Fields and Interdisciplinary Engineering
Edgerton, Harold E.*1966Electronics, Communication, and Information Systems Engineering
Elias, Peter*1979Electronics, Communication, and Information Systems Engineering
Elliott, John F.*1975Chemical Engineering
Fano, Robert M.*1973Computer Science and Engineering
Fay, James A.*1998Mechanical Engineering
Forrester, Jay W.*1967Special Fields and Interdisciplinary Engineering
Gatos, Harry C.*1983Materials Engineering
Grant, Nicholas J.*1980Materials Engineering
Gyftopoulos, Elias P.*1981Electric Power/Energy Systems Engineering
Harleman, Donald R F.* 
Haus, Hermann A.* 
Hawthorne, William R.*1976Mechanical Engineering
Henry, Allan F. 
Hottel, Hoyt C. 
Ingard, Karl Uno*1980Special Fields and Interdisciplinary Engineering
Kazimi, Mujid S.*2012 
Keck, James C.2002Mechanical Engineering
Keil, Alfred A. H. 
Kingery, W. David*1975Materials Engineering
Ladd, Charles C.*1983Civil Engineering
Lambe, T. William* 
Lewis, Warren K.1965 
Li, Yao Tzu1987Mechanical Engineering
Longwell, John P. 
Mann, Robert W.* 
Mar, James W.*1981Aerospace Engineering
McClintock, Frank A.*1991Mechanical Engineering
Melcher, James R. 
Miller, Rene H. 
Minsky, Marvin L.1989Computer Science and Engineering
Morrow Jr, Walter E.*1978Electronics, Communication, and Information Systems Engineering
Owen, Walter S.1977Materials Engineering
Paynter, Henry M. 
Pian, Theodore H. H.*1988Aerospace Engineering
Rasmussen, Norman C. 
Reid, Robert C.* 
Rohsenow, Warren M.1975Mechanical Engineering
Rosenblith, Walter A. 
Schreiber, William F.1995Electronics, Communication, and Information Systems Engineering
Seamans, Jr., Robert C.*1968Aerospace Engineering
Shannon, Claude E. 
Shapiro, Ascher H.* 
Smith, Jr., Joseph L.*1984Mechanical Engineering
Smullin, Louis D.*1970Electronics, Communication, and Information Systems Engineering
Stevens, Kenneth N.*1986Bioengineering
Stever, H. Guyford - Radiation Laboratory1965Aerospace Engineering
Trump, John G.* 
Vest, Charles M.1993Mechanical Engineering
von Hippel, Arthur R. 
White, David C.1975Electric Power/Energy Systems Engineering
Whitman, Robert V.*1975Civil Engineering
Staff - Deceased: 3
Battin, Richard H.*1974Aerospace Engineering
Gold, Bernard - Affiliate1982 
Land, Edwin H.1965 

National Academy of Engineering Member total: 210

*also MIT Alum

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