MIT Institutional Research
Office of the Provost


Faculty - Current: 60
Agarwal, Anant*2013Computer Science and Engineering
Antoniadis, Dimitri2006Electronics, Communication, and Information Systems Engineering
Armstrong, Robert C.*2008Chemical Engineering
Arvind2008Computer Science and Engineering
Balakrishnan, Hari2015 
Barnhart, Cynthia*2010 
Berners-Lee, Timothy2007Computer Science and Engineering
Bertsekas, Dimitri P.*2001Electronics, Communication, and Information Systems Engineering
Bertsimas, Dimitris*2005Industrial, Manufacturing and Operational Systems
Bhatia, Sangeeta*2015 
Boyce, Mary*2012 
Brown, Emery N.2015 
Chakraborty, Arup K.2004Chemical Engineering
Chandrakasan, Anantha P.2015 
Chen, Gang2010 
Chiang, Yet-Ming*2009Materials Engineering
Cima, Michael J.2011 
Cohen, Robert E.*2010 
Collins, James J.2011Bioengineering
Crawley, Edward F.*1998Aerospace Engineering
Drela, Mark*2009Aerospace Engineering
Eagar, Thomas W.*1997Materials Engineering
Edelman, Elazer R.*2012 
Fujimoto, James G.*2001Electronics, Communication, and Information Systems Engineering
Gleason, Karen K.2015 
Goldwasser, Shafi2005Computer Science and Engineering
Greitzer, Edward M.1995Aerospace Engineering
Griffith, Linda G.2011 
Hansman, Jr., R. John*2013Aerospace Engineering
Harris, Wesley L.1995Aerospace Engineering
Horn, Berthold K. P.*2002Computer Science and Engineering
Jensen, Klavs F.2002Chemical Engineering
Kaashoek, M. Frans2006Computer Science and Engineering
Kazimi, Mujid S.*2012 
Kirtley, Jr., James L.*2007Electric Power/Energy Systems Engineering
Klibanov, Alexander M.1993Bioengineering
Langer, Robert S.*1992Bioengineering
Larson, Richard*1993Industrial, Manufacturing and Operational Systems
Lauffenburger, Douglas A.2001Bioengineering
Leighton, F. Thomson*2004Computer Science and Engineering
Leveson, Nancy2000Computer Science and Engineering
Little, John D. C.*1989Industrial, Manufacturing and Operational Systems
Lynch, Nancy A.*2001Computer Science and Engineering
Magnanti, Thomas L.1991Industrial, Manufacturing and Operational Systems
Micali, Silvio2007Computer Science and Engineering
Moses, Joel*1986Computer Science and Engineering
Pentland, Alex "Sandy"*2014 
Reif, L. Rafael2015 
Rivest, Ronald L.1990Computer Science and Engineering
Rus, Daniela L.2015 
Stephanopoulos, George1999Chemical Engineering
Stephanopoulos, Gregory2003Bioengineering
Sussman, Gerald J.*2000Computer Science and Engineering
Tsitsiklis, John N.*2007Electronics, Communication, and Information Systems Engineering
Waitz, Ian A.2014 
Wang, Daniel I. C.*1986Bioengineering
Whittle, Andrew J.*2010 
Widnall, Sheila E.*1985Aerospace Engineering
Wittrup, K. Dane2012 
Zue, Victor W.*2004Computer Science and Engineering
Staff - Current: 7
Clark, David D.1996Computer Science and Engineering
Delaney, William P.* - Lincoln Laboratory2012 
Ehrich, Fredric F.*1992Mechanical Engineering
Evans, Eric D. - Lincoln Laboratory2015 
Liebeck, Robert H.1992Aerospace Engineering
Stallman, Richard M.2002Computer Science and Engineering
Stonebraker, Michael - Adjunct Faculty1997Computer Science and Engineering
MIT Corporation member: 2
Gelb, Arthur2010 
Metcalfe, Robert M.*1997Computer Science and Engineering
MIT Alumni: 5
Agrawal, Rakesh2002Chemical Engineering
Dowell, Earl H.1993Aerospace Engineering
Loewy, Robert G.1971Aerospace Engineering
Rogers, John A.2011Materials Engineering
Schultz, Peter C.2001 
Faculty - Emeritus: 57
Apostolakis, George2007Electric Power/Energy Systems Engineering
Argon, Ali S.*1989Materials Engineering
Baggeroer, Arthur B.*1995Special Fields and Interdisciplinary Engineering
Bras, Rafael L.*2001Civil Engineering
Brooks, Rodney2004Computer Science and Engineering
Brown, Robert A.1991Chemical Engineering
Corbato, Fernando J.*1976Computer Science and Engineering
Dennis, Jack B.*2009Computer Science and Engineering
Dresselhaus, Mildred S.1974Electronics, Communication, and Information Systems Engineering
Dyer, Ira*1976Special Fields and Interdisciplinary Engineering
Eagleson, Peter S.*1982Special Fields and Interdisciplinary Engineering
Epstein, Alan H.*1999Aerospace Engineering
Evans, Lawrence B.2001Chemical Engineering
Fano, Robert M.*1973Computer Science and Engineering
Flemings, Merton C.*1976Materials Engineering
Flowers, Woodie C.*1994Mechanical Engineering
Forrester, Jay W.*1967Special Fields and Interdisciplinary Engineering
Gallager, Robert G.*1979Electronics, Communication, and Information Systems Engineering
Gray, Paul E.*1975Electronics, Communication, and Information Systems Engineering
Hansen, Kent F.*1982Electric Power/Energy Systems Engineering
Heywood, John B.*1998Mechanical Engineering
Ippen, Erich P.*1985Electronics, Communication, and Information Systems Engineering
Kassakian, John G.*1994Electric Power/Energy Systems Engineering
Kerrebrock, Jack L.1978Aerospace Engineering
Kerwin, Justin E.*2000Special Fields and Interdisciplinary Engineering
Lambe, T. William* 
Latanision, Ronald M.1985Materials Engineering
Lee, Shih-Ying*1985Mechanical Engineering
Liskov, Barbara1988Computer Science and Engineering
Magee, Christopher L.1997Special Fields and Interdisciplinary Engineering
Mar, James W.*1981Aerospace Engineering
McWhorter, Alan L.*1983Electronics, Communication, and Information Systems Engineering
Mei, Chiang C.1986Special Fields and Interdisciplinary Engineering
Merrill, Edward W.*2013Bioengineering
Milgram, Jerome*1995Special Fields and Interdisciplinary Engineering
Minsky, Marvin L.1989Computer Science and Engineering
Mitter, Sanjoy K.1988Electronics, Communication, and Information Systems Engineering
Morrow Jr, Walter E.*1978Electronics, Communication, and Information Systems Engineering
Murman, Earll M.1991Aerospace Engineering
Newman, John Nicholas*1989Special Fields and Interdisciplinary Engineering
Nightingale, Deborah J. - Affiliate1993Industrial, Manufacturing and Operational Systems
Odoni, Amedeo R.*2011 
Oppenheim, Alan V.*1987Electronics, Communication, and Information Systems Engineering
Parker, Ronald R.*1988Electric Power/Energy Systems Engineering
Penfield, Jr., Paul*1994Electronics, Communication, and Information Systems Engineering
Probstein, Ronald F.1977Mechanical Engineering
Saltzer, Jerome H.*1998Computer Science and Engineering
Senturia, Stephen D.*2003Electronics, Communication, and Information Systems Engineering
Sheridan, Thomas B.*1995Industrial, Manufacturing and Operational Systems
Smith, Henry I.1989Electronics, Communication, and Information Systems Engineering
Smith, Kenneth A.*1983Chemical Engineering
Suresh, Subra*2002Materials Engineering
Thomas, Edwin L.2009Materials Engineering
Todreas, Neil E.*1988Electric Power/Energy Systems Engineering
Willsky, Alan*2010 
Wilson, Gerald L.*1980Electric Power/Energy Systems Engineering
Young, Laurence R.*1980Bioengineering
Staff - Retired: 2
Drake, Elisabeth M.*1992Chemical Engineering
Kingston, Robert H.*1990Electronics, Communication, and Information Systems Engineering
Faculty - Former: 4
Cahn, John W.1998Materials Engineering
Gast, Alice P.2001Chemical Engineering
Symons, James M.*1994Civil Engineering
Yurek, Gregory J.2011 
Staff - Former: 4
Livingston, James D.1994Materials Engineering
Marble, Frank E. - Visiting Faculty1974Aerospace Engineering
Rosensweig, Ronald E.* - Affiliate1985Chemical Engineering
Zadeh, Lotfi A.*1973Computer Science and Engineering
Faculty - Deceased: 55
Backer, Stanley*1992Special Fields and Interdisciplinary Engineering
Benedict, Manson*1967Electric Power/Energy Systems Engineering
Brenner, Howard1980Chemical Engineering
Brown, Gordon S.1965Electric Power/Energy Systems Engineering
Coble, Robert L.1978Special Fields and Interdisciplinary Engineering
Cohen, Morris*1972Materials Engineering
Covert, Eugene E.*1980Aerospace Engineering
Crandall, Stephen H.1977Mechanical Engineering
Davenport, Jr., Wilbur B.1975Electronics, Communication, and Information Systems Engineering
Dertouzos, Michael L.1990Computer Science and Engineering
Draper, Charles Stark 
Edgerton, Harold E.*1966Electronics, Communication, and Information Systems Engineering
Elias, Peter*1979Electronics, Communication, and Information Systems Engineering
Elliott, John F.*1975Chemical Engineering
Fay, James A.*1998Mechanical Engineering
Gatos, Harry C.*1983Materials Engineering
Grant, Nicholas J.1980Materials Engineering
Gyftopoulos, Elias P.1981Electric Power/Energy Systems Engineering
Harleman, Donald R F.* 
Haus, Hermann A.* 
Hawthorne, William R.1976Mechanical Engineering
Henry, Allan F. 
Hottel, Hoyt C. 
Ingard, Karl Uno*1980Special Fields and Interdisciplinary Engineering
Keck, James C.2002Mechanical Engineering
Keil, Alfred A. H. 
Kingery, W. David*1975Materials Engineering
Ladd, Charles C.*1983Civil Engineering
Lewis, Warren K.1965 
Li, Yao Tzu1987Mechanical Engineering
Longwell, John P. 
Mann, Robert W.* 
McClintock, Frank A.1991Mechanical Engineering
Melcher, James R. 
Miller, Rene H. 
Owen, Walter S.1977Materials Engineering
Paynter, Henry M. 
Pian, Theodore H. H.1988Aerospace Engineering
Rasmussen, Norman C. 
Reid, Robert C. 
Rohsenow, Warren M.1975Mechanical Engineering
Rosenblith, Walter A. 
Schreiber, William F.1995Electronics, Communication, and Information Systems Engineering
Seamans, Jr., Robert C.1968Aerospace Engineering
Shannon, Claude E. 
Shapiro, Ascher H.* 
Smith, Jr., Joseph L.1984Mechanical Engineering
Smullin, Louis D.*1970Electronics, Communication, and Information Systems Engineering
Stevens, Kenneth N.*1986Bioengineering
Stever, H. Guyford - Radiation Laboratory1965Aerospace Engineering
Trump, John G.* 
Vest, Charles M.1993Mechanical Engineering
von Hippel, Arthur R. 
White, David C.1975Electric Power/Energy Systems Engineering
Whitman, Robert V.1975Civil Engineering
Staff - Deceased: 3
Battin, Richard H.1974Aerospace Engineering
Gold, Bernard - Affiliate1982 
Land, Edwin H.1965 

National Academy of Engineering Member total: 199

*also MIT Alum

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