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Faculty - Current: 10
Holmstrom, Bengt 2016Economic Sciences (shared)
Horvitz, H. Robert* 2002Medicine/Physiology (shared)
Ketterle, Wolfgang 2001Physics (shared)
Merton, Robert C.* 1997Economic Sciences (shared)
Schrock, Richard R. 2005Chemistry (shared)
Sharp, Phillip A. 1993Medicine/Physiology (shared)
Solomon, Susan 2007Peace (co-chair of IPCC Working Group One recognized under Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) - shared)
Ting, Samuel C. C. 1976Physics (shared)
Tonegawa, Susumu 1987Medicine/Physiology
Wilczek, Frank 2004Physics (shared)
Staff - Current: 1
Tirole, Jean* - Visiting Faculty 2014Economic Sciences
MIT Alumni: 24
Akerlof, George A. 2001Economic Sciences (shared)
Altman, Sidney 1989Chemistry (shared)
Annan, Kofi 2001Peace (shared)
Aumann, Robert 2005Economic Sciences (shared)
Corey, Jr., Elias J. 1990Chemistry
Cornell, Eric A. 2001Physics (shared)
Fire, Andrew 2006Medicine/Physiology (shared)
Gell-Mann, Murray 1969Physics
Hao, Wei M. 2007Peace (one of 13 U.S. Forest Service researchers recognized under Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) - shared)
Hartwell, Leland H. 2001Medicine/Physiology (shared)
Klein, Lawrence R. 1980Economic Sciences
Laughlin, Robert B. 1998Physics (shared)
Modrich, Paul 2015Chemistry (shared)
Mundell, Robert A. 1999Economic Sciences
Phillips, William D. 1997Physics (shared)
Richter, Burton 1976Physics (shared)
Riess, Adam G. 2011Physics (shared)
Rosbash, Michael 2017Medicine/Physiology (shared)
Schrieffer, John Robert 1972Physics (shared)
Shiller, Robert J. 2013Economic Sciences (shared)
Smoot, George 2006Physics (shared)
Stiglitz, Joseph E. 2001Economic Sciences (shared)
Wieman, Carl E. 2001Physics (shared)
Williamson, Oliver E. 2009Economic Sciences (divided equally between Elinor Ostrom and Oliver E. Williamson)
Faculty - Emeritus: 6
Baltimore, David 1975Medicine/Physiology (shared)
Diamond, Peter A.* 2010Economic Sciences (shared)
Friedman, Jerome I. 1990Physics (shared)
Molina, Mario J. 1995Chemistry (shared)
Solow, Robert M. 1987Economic Sciences
Weiss, Rainer* 2017Physics (shared)
Staff - Retired: 1
Chivian, Eric S. 1985Peace (one of 7 founders International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War)
Faculty - Former: 10
Engle, Robert 2003Economic Sciences (shared)
Hart, Oliver D. 2016Economic Sciences (shared)
Krugman, Paul R.* 2008Economic Sciences
Maskin, Eric S. 2007Economic Sciences (shared)
McFadden, Daniel L. 2000Economic Sciences (shared)
Nash, Jr., John Forbes 1994Economic Sciences (shared)
Scholes, Myron S. 1997Economic Sciences (shared)
Sharpless, K. Barry 2001Chemistry (shared)
Townes, Charles H. 1964Physics (shared)
Weinberg, Steven 1979Physics (shared)
Staff - Former: 18
Barton, Derek - Visiting Faculty 1969Chemistry (shared)
Cech, Thomas R. - postdoctoral researcher 1989Chemistry (shared)
Ciechanover, Aaron 2004Chemistry (shared)
Cohen-Tannoudji, Claude - Visiting Faculty 1997Physics (shared)
Fischer, Ernst Otto - Visiting Faculty 1973Chemistry (shared)
Glashow, Sheldon L. - Visiting Faculty 1979Physics (shared)
Hansen, Lars Peter - Visiting Faculty 2013Economic Sciences (shared)
Haroche, Serge 2012Physics (shared)
Mirrlees, James A. - Visiting Faculty 1996Economic Sciences (shared)
Phelps, Edmund S. - Visiting Faculty 2006Economic Sciences
Ramsey, Norman F. - Radiation Laboratory 1989Physics (shared)
Rothman, James E. - postdoctoral researcher 2013Medicine/Physiology (shared)
Sen, Amartya - Visiting Faculty 1998Economic Sciences
Störmer, Horst L. 1998Physics (shared)
Steinberger, Jack - Radiation Laboratory 1988Physics (shared)
Thomas, E. Donnall - postdoctoral researcher 1990Medicine/Physiology (shared)
Tsui, Daniel C. 1998Physics (shared)
Yonath, Ada E. 2009Chemistry (awarded jointly)
Student - Former: 1
Capecchi, Mario R. 2007Medicine/Physiology (shared)
Faculty - Deceased: 6
Kendall, Henry W .* 1990Physics (shared)
Khorana, H. Gobind 1968Medicine/Physiology (shared)
Luria, Salvador E. 1969Medicine/Physiology (shared)
Modigliani, Franco 1985Economic Sciences
Samuelson, Paul A. 1970Economic Sciences
Shull, Clifford G. 1994Physics (shared)
Staff - Deceased: 7
Alvarez, Luis W. - Radiation Laboratory 1968Physics
Bethe, Hans A. - Radiation Laboratory 1967Physics
McMillan, Edwin M. - Radiation Laboratory 1951Chemistry (shared)
Purcell, Edward M. - Radiation Laboratory 1952Physics (shared)
Rabi, I.I. - Radiation Laboratory 1944Physics
Schwinger, Julian - Radiation Laboratory 1965Physics (shared)
Wilkinson, Geoffrey 1973Chemistry (shared)
MIT Alumni - Deceased: 5
Feynman, Richard P. 1965Physics (shared)
Mulliken, Robert S. 1966Chemistry
Pedersen, Charles J. 1987Chemistry (shared)
Shockley, William 1956Physics (shared)
Woodward, Robert Burns 1965Chemistry

Nobel total: 89

*also MIT Alum

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