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2014Tirole, Jean* - Visiting Faculty Economic SciencesStaff - Current
2013Rothman, James E. - postdoctoral researcher Medicine/Physiology (shared) Staff - Former
2013Shiller, Robert J. Economic Sciences (shared) MIT Alum
2011Riess, Adam G. Physics (shared) MIT Alum
2010Diamond, Peter A. Economic Sciences (shared) Faculty - Emeritus
2009Williamson, Oliver E. Economic Sciences (divided equally between Elinor Ostrom and Oliver E. Williamson) MIT Alum
2009Yonath, Ada E. Chemistry (awarded jointly) Staff - Former
2008Krugman, Paul R.* Economic SciencesFaculty - Former
2007Capecchi, Mario R. Medicine/Physiology (shared) Student - Former
2007Hao, Wei M. Peace (one of 13 U.S. Forest Service researchers recognized under Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) - shared) MIT Alum
2007Maskin, Eric S. Economic Sciences (shared) Faculty - Former
2007Solomon, Susan Peace (co-chair of IPCC Working Group One recognized under Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) - shared) Faculty - Current
2006Fire, Andrew Medicine/Physiology (shared) MIT Alum
2006Phelps, Edmund S. - Visiting Faculty Economic SciencesStaff - Former
2006Smoot, George Physics (shared) MIT Alum
2005Aumann, Robert Economic Sciences (shared) MIT Alum
2005Schrock, Richard R. Chemistry (shared) Faculty - Current
2004Ciechanover, Aaron Chemistry (shared) Staff - Former
2004Wilczek, Frank Physics (shared) Faculty - Current
2003Engle, Robert Economic Sciences (shared) Faculty - Former
2002Horvitz, H. Robert* Medicine/Physiology (shared) Faculty - Current
2001Akerlof, George A. Economic Sciences (shared) MIT Alum
2001Annan, Kofi Peace (shared) MIT Alum
2001Cornell, Eric A. Physics (shared) MIT Alum
2001Hartwell, Leland H. Medicine/Physiology (shared) MIT Alum
2001Ketterle, Wolfgang Physics (shared) Faculty - Current
2001Sharpless, K. Barry Chemistry (shared) Faculty - Former
2001Stiglitz, Joseph E. Economic Sciences (shared) MIT Alum
2001Wieman, Carl E. Physics (shared) MIT Alum
2000McFadden, Daniel L. Economic Sciences (shared) Faculty - Former
1999Mundell, Robert A. Economic SciencesMIT Alum
1998Laughlin, Robert B. Physics (shared) MIT Alum
1998Sen, Amartya - Visiting Faculty Economic SciencesStaff - Former
1998Störmer, Horst L. Physics (shared) Staff - Former
1998Tsui, Daniel C. Physics (shared) Staff - Former
1997Merton, Robert C.* Economic Sciences (shared) Faculty - Current
1997Phillips, William D. Physics (shared) MIT Alum
1997Scholes, Myron S. Economic Sciences (shared) Faculty - Former
1996Mirrlees, James A. - Visiting Faculty Economic Sciences (shared) Staff - Former
1995Molina, Mario J. Chemistry (shared) Faculty - Emeritus
1994Nash, Jr., John Forbes Economic Sciences (shared) Faculty - Former
1994Shull, Clifford G. Physics (shared) Faculty - Deceased
1993Sharp, Phillip A. Medicine/Physiology (shared) Faculty - Current
1990Corey, Jr., Elias J. ChemistryMIT Alum
1990Friedman, Jerome I. Physics (shared) Faculty - Emeritus
1990Kendall, Henry W .* Physics (shared) Faculty - Deceased
1990Thomas, E. Donnall - postdoctoral researcher Medicine/Physiology (shared) Staff - Former
1989Altman, Sidney Chemistry (shared) MIT Alum
1989Cech, Thomas R. - postdoctoral researcher Chemistry (shared) Staff - Former
1989Ramsey, Norman F. - Radiation Laboratory Physics (shared) Staff - Former
1988Steinberger, Jack - Radiation Laboratory Physics (shared) Staff - Former
1987Pedersen, Charles J. Chemistry (shared) MIT Alum - Deceased
1987Solow, Robert M. Economic SciencesFaculty - Emeritus
1987Tonegawa, Susumu Medicine/PhysiologyFaculty - Current
1985Chivian, Eric S. Peace (one of 7 founders International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War) Staff - Retired
1985Modigliani, Franco Economic SciencesFaculty - Deceased
1980Klein, Lawrence R. Economic SciencesMIT Alum
1979Glashow, Sheldon L. - Visiting Faculty Physics (shared) Staff - Former
1979Weinberg, Steven Physics (shared) Faculty - Former
1976Richter, Burton Physics (shared) MIT Alum
1976Ting, Samuel C. C. Physics (shared) Faculty - Current
1975Baltimore, David Medicine/Physiology (shared) Faculty - Emeritus
1973Fischer, Ernst Otto - Visiting Faculty Chemistry (shared) Staff - Former
1973Wilkinson, Geoffrey Chemistry (shared) Staff - Deceased
1972Schrieffer, John Robert Physics (shared) MIT Alum
1970Samuelson, Paul A. Economic SciencesFaculty - Deceased
1969Barton, Derek - Visiting Faculty Chemistry (shared) Staff - Former
1969Gell-Mann, Murray PhysicsMIT Alum
1969Luria, Salvador E. Medicine/Physiology (shared) Faculty - Deceased
1968Alvarez, Luis W. - Radiation Laboratory PhysicsStaff - Deceased
1968Khorana, H. Gobind Medicine/Physiology (shared) Faculty - Deceased
1967Bethe, Hans A. - Radiation Laboratory PhysicsStaff - Deceased
1966Mulliken, Robert S. ChemistryMIT Alum - Deceased
1965Feynman, Richard P. Physics (shared) MIT Alum - Deceased
1965Schwinger, Julian - Radiation Laboratory Physics (shared) Staff - Deceased
1965Woodward, Robert Burns ChemistryMIT Alum - Deceased
1964Townes, Charles H. Physics (shared) Faculty - Former
1956Shockley, William Physics (shared) MIT Alum - Deceased
1952Purcell, Edward M. - Radiation Laboratory Physics (shared) Staff - Deceased
1951McMillan, Edwin M. - Radiation Laboratory Chemistry (shared) Staff - Deceased
1944Rabi, I.I. - Radiation Laboratory PhysicsStaff - Deceased

Nobel total: 81

*also MIT Alum

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