MIT Institutional Research
Office of the Provost


Faculty - Current: 17
Ashoori, Raymond1993Physics
Bawendi, Moungi G.1991Materials Science, Nanotechnology
Belcher, Angela M.2001Materials Science, Nanotechnology
Cummins, Christopher C.*1995Chemistry
Hewitt, Jacqueline N.*1990Astronomy, Astrophysics, Cosmology
Indyk, Piotr2003Computer/information sciences
Jarillo-Herrero, Pablo2009Physics
Karger, David R.1997Computer/information sciences
Ketterle, Wolfgang1996Physics
Littleton, J. Troy2002Neuroscience
Poonen, Bjorn1998Mathematics
Saxe, Rebecca R.*2008Neuroscience
Tegmark, Max2001Astronomy, Astrophysics, Cosmology
van der Hilst, Robert D.1998Geosciences
Van Voorhis, Troy2006Chemistry
Voigt, Christopher A.2006 
Zwierlein, Martin W.*2010Physics
Staff - Current: 3
Sarpeshkar, Rahul2001Engineering - Electrical or Computer
Seung, H. Sebastian - Visiting Faculty1999Neuroscience
Yanik, Mehmet F.*2007Engineering - Electrical or Computer
Faculty - Former: 8
Fox, Jacob*2013Mathematics
Lander, Arthur D.1988Biological Sciences
Lehmann, Ruth1989Biological Sciences
Lois, Carlos E.2004Biological Sciences
Stellacci, Francesco - Adjunct Faculty2005Materials Science, Nanotechnology
Tokmakoff, Andrei2000Chemistry
Virgil, Scott C.1992Chemistry
Ying, Jackie Yi-Ru1995Materials Science, Nanotechnology

Packard Fellowship for Science and Engineering total: 28

*also MIT Alum

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