MIT Institutional Research
Office of the Provost


MIT Alumni: 2
Aldrin, Buzz1963 
Pei, I. M.1993 
Faculty - Emeritus: 2
Molina, Mario J.2013 
Solow, Robert M.2014 
Faculty - Former: 2
Kahn, Robert E.2005 
Shultz, George P.*1989 
Faculty - Deceased: 1
Dresselhaus, Mildred S.2014 
Staff - Deceased: 1
Land, Edwin H.1963 
MIT Alumni - Deceased: 2
Doolittle, James H.1989 
Young, Jr., Whitney M.1968 

U.S. Presidential Medal of Freedom total: 10

*also MIT Alum

List generated 08-28-2017