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MIT Surveys

The Office of the Provost routinely invites segments of the MIT Community to respond to surveys addressing a wide range of issues. Recent surveys are available for review, with overall results for a sample of these surveys. If you are considering running a survey, please review our Survey Guidelines (PDF) and Survey Checklist (PDF) to guide your survey development, and consider searching recent surveys for specific questions we may have already asked. We also maintain a schedule of known MIT surveys.

Confidentiality Statement
Participation in all surveys at MIT is voluntary. All data collected through surveys are kept strictly confidential and stored on a secure server by Institutional Research, Office of the Provost. Respondent identities are never revealed in any report or presentation of survey results.

Audience Survey Frequency Next Survey Last survey administration
Freshman / First Year
2 years Summer 2014 2012
Enrolled Undergraduates 4 years Spring 2015 2011
Senior 2 years Spring 2014 2012; 2002-2012 trend available
Engineering Seniors 2 years tbd 2011
Parents of Undergraduates 5 years Spring 2017 2012
Incoming Graduate Students 2 years Fall 2015 2013
Enrolled Graduate Students 4 years Spring 2015 2011
Doctoral Exit ongoing ongoing 2013
MIT Graduating Students annual May 2014 2013
Student Quality of Life tbd Fall 2016 or Spring 2017 Select issues covered in other surveys
Alumni Undergraduate Alumni ~4 years Spring 2017 2013
Graduate Alumni tbd tbd 2012
Recent Alumni annual Dec. 2014 2013
& Staff
Faculty and Staff Quality of Life ~4 years Fall 2016 or Spring 2017 2012
Faculty Survey 4 years   2012
Postdoctoral Scholars tbd   2010
MIT-wide Commuting to MIT 2 years mid-Fall 2014 2012
Future of MIT Education -- -- Some topics covered in other surveys
Varies Other surveys supported by IR

IT Partners Presentation, June 2013