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MIT Surveys

The Office of the Provost routinely invites segments of the MIT Community to respond to surveys addressing a wide range of issues. Recent surveys are available for review, with overall results for a sample of these surveys. If you are considering running a survey, please review our Survey Guidelines (PDF) to guide your survey development.

Confidentiality Statement
Surveys administered under the auspices of Institutional Research are voluntary. You may answer as few or as many questions as you wish.

Please be assured that the data are confidential, and the results of any research or analysis using the data will be presented in a way that individual respondents cannot be identified. For the purposes of analysis, we may combine other data with your responses to our surveys.

For surveys administered in conjunction with peer schools: Some of our surveys are administered as part of a consortium of peer institutions in order to gather comparative data. The results of these surveys are shared with institutional research offices at peer institutions. The use of the data at peer institutions is limited and requires that results are only used internally and in aggregate form.

Occasionally, we receive requests to use administrative data sets--including survey results--for academic research projects. In those situations, we remove direct identifiers (e.g. name or email address) before sharing with the researchers. Any researchers using these data for academic research are bound by the same rules of confidentiality and reporting stated above. That is, they may not report results in a way that identifies an individual respondent.

You can use the Survey Question Search to find survey questions by keywords.

Audience Survey Frequency Next Survey Last survey administration
Survey of New Students
2 years Summer 2020 2018
Enrolled Undergraduates 4 years Spring 2019 2015
Senior 2 years Spring 2020 2018
Perceptions of Academic Majors TBD TBD Spring 2018
Parents of Undergraduates 4 years Spring 2020 2016
Admitted Graduate Students (2016-on) Annual 2019 2018
Incoming Graduate Students (2015 and earlier) 2 years N/A 2015
Enrolled Graduate Students 4 years Spring 2019 2015
Doctoral Exit ongoing ongoing 2018
MIT Graduating Students annual ongoing 2017
Student Quality of Life 4 years Spring 2021 2017
Alumni Undergraduate Alumni ~4 years Spring 2021 2017
Graduate Alumni tbd tbd 2012
Recent Alumni annual ongoing 2016
All Alumni: Impact of MIT as needed   2014
& Staff
Faculty and Staff Quality of Life ~4 years Jan/Feb 2020 2016
Faculty Survey 4 years Merged into Faculty and Staff QOL 2016
Postdoctoral Scholars tbd   2010
MIT-wide Commuting to MIT 2 years mid-Fall 2016 2014
Future of MIT Education -- --