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Other surveys supported by IR: COFHE Surveys

The Consortium on Financing Higher Education (COFHE) is an institutionally supported organization of thirty-one private colleges and universities. The COFHE suite of web surveys have been hosted by MIT since 2002, beginning with the 2002 Senior Survey. The linked survey notebooks below provide information on recent COFHE web surveys, including the survey instruments, codebooks, and coding of local questions for each school. You may also search the questions we've asked on the most recent COFHE surveys.

Survey Notebooks 
2018 Senior Survey
2017 Alumni Survey
2017 Enrolled Student Survey
2016 Survey of New Students
2016 Senior Survey
2016 Parent Survey
2015 Enrolled Student Survey
2014 Survey of New Students
2014 Senior Survey
2013 Alumni Survey
2013 Enrolled Student Survey
2012 Survey of New Students
2012 Parent Survey
2012 Senior Survey
2011 Enrolled Student Survey
2011 Senior Survey
2010 Senior Survey
2009 PULSE (MIT, Cornell, local hosting)
2009 Senior Survey
2009 Alumni Survey
2008 Senior Survey
2007 CIRP Freshman Web Survey (COFHE Pilot)
2007 Enrolled Student Survey 
2007 Parent Survey 
2007 Senior Survey 
2006 CIRP Freshman Web Survey (COFHE Pilot) 
2006 Senior Survey
2005 Alumni Survey