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Undergraduate Enrolled Student Survey (ESS)

Every four years, MIT administers an Enrolled Student Survey in the spring semester. All undergraduates are invited to answer. The on-line survey asks students about time spent doing various activities in and out of the classroom, student perceptions about how their skills and abilities have changed since enrolling at MIT, and their sources of advice about academic, career, and personal choices.

Survey Instrument Response Results
2015 Undergrad ESS Web Preview | PDF of entire survey 63% Overall Results
2011 Undergrad ESS Web Preview | Emails 65% Highlights & Overall Results
2009 PULSE Survey Web Preview | PDF | Emails 42% Overall Results
2007 Undergrad ESS Web Preview | Emails 62% Overall Results
2003 Undergrad ESS PDF | Emails 43% Overall Results

Recent Findings (2011 Undergraduate Enrolled Student Survey)

Other Enrolled Undergraduate Surveys
OpenCourseWare surveys all undergraduates every two years to understand how to improve the MIT OCW Web site so that it serves as a valuable resource for members of the MIT community. The MIT Libraries surveys all students, researchers, faculty, and instructional staff every three years.