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Freshman / First Year Survey

Freshmen are surveyed on a range of topics before they arrive on campus. The topics include demographic characteristics, expectations of the college experience, secondary school experiences, degree goals and career plans, college finances, attitudes, values, and life goals, and reasons for attending college.

Survey Instrument Response Results
2012 Survey of New Students Web Preview | PDF 93% Highlights & Overall Results
2010 First Year Survey Web Preview | PDF | Emails 92% Overall Results
2008 First Year Survey Web Preview | PDF 90% Overall Results
2007 First Year Survey Web Preview | PDF 94% Survey Summary & Overall Results
2006 Fall Freshman Survey Web Preview | PDF    
2006 CIRP Freshman Survey PDF 92% Overall Results
2004 CIRP Freshman Survey   80% Overall Results

Recent Findings (2012 Survey of New Students)

Other Freshman Surveys
The Dean for Student Life asks all incoming freshman to answer an MIT Alcohol survey to assess students' experiences with alcohol and to offer a voluntary intervention to those students interested in examining the role of alcohol in their lives.