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Graduate Enrolled Student Surveys

MIT periodically invites enrolled graduate students to participate in surveys that contained questions about: satisfaction with various academic and non-academic experiences, how students' skills have been enhanced while at MIT, workload, obstacles to academic progress, usage of and satisfaction with various resources, and perceptions of climate.

Survey Instrument Response Results
2015 Enrolled Graduate Student Survey PDF 43% Overall
(38% Masters,
47% Doctoral)
Overall Results
2011 Enrolled Graduate Student Survey Web Preview | PDF 56% Highlights & Results
2009 Graduate Women Support Survey Web Preview | PDF 52% Survey Highlights, Overall Report &
Open Comments, Themes and Highlights
2003-2007 Graduate Student Surveys     Findings
2005-2006 Graduate Student Exit Survey PDF   Trend Report by Highest Degree: 2005-06 & 2006-07
2004 Graduate Student Survey   50% Overall Results
2001 Graduate Student Survey   44% Overall Results