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How To Apply

The FSILG Cooperative, Inc. (FCI) is in a position to help all apllicants. You can always start by contacting Scott Klemm, Executive Director, FSILG Cooperative, Inc. at sklemm@fsilg.coop or 617.452.4053. He can provide advice and direction. Also, there are a number of IRDF Policies and IRDF Guidelines to provide guidance on applying for loans and grants. Please review them. Applications that are not complete by the deadlines noted will not be accepted.

1. IRDF Loan application
This program provides low-interest, long-term loans to FSILGs for construction and renovation purposes. An FSILG can apply for a loan at any time.

Download the complete IRDF Project Loan form »

2. IRDF Major Project Grant application
Major Project Grants are those where the requested grant amount is equal to or greater than $100,000 and are generally associated with a loan as well. An FSILG can apply for a loan at any time. A Major Grant is funded by donations from alumni and friends affilated with the FSILG. An FSILG can apply for a Major Grant at any time. Please note, however, that an FSILG receiving a Major Project Grant must submit an IRDF Annual Certification form for 20 years thereafter. See item 4 below.

Download the IRDF Project Grant application»

3. IRDF Minor Project Grant application
Each calendar year, this program sets aside a pool of IRDF funds which FSILGs can apply for to improve and maintain educational areas, to make them safer and more accessible to students with disabilities, and most recently to maintain historic aspects of a residence. Minor Project Grant applications must be received by November 1, to be eligible for full or partial funding in the following calendar year.

Download the IRDF Project Grant application»

4. IRDF Annual Certification form
An FSILG receiving a Major Project Grant must submit an IRDF Annual Certification form for 20 years thereafter, attesting that the Project's permitted purposes continue and the building continues to house MIT students. The FSILG Cooperative, Inc will forward the form each year to all FSILGs requiring them, well before they are due on November 1.

Download the IRDF Annual Project Certification form»

5. IRDF: Educational Operating Grant application form
This program grants money annually to FSILGs for operating expenses related to educational areas and activities of their houses. Soon after the FSILG’s fiscal year end, the FSILG Coop sends a partially completed operating expense worksheet to each FSILG. The worksheet is prepopulated with data from prior submissions and all applicable expenses purchased through the FCI. The link below is a sample of what a typical FSILG receives.

Download sample operating expenses worksheet in PDF format»

IRDF Photos Always Welcome!
Please take before and after photos to show the improvements that IRDF funds make possible. Many photos of renovations projects can be seen on the new IRDF Photo Gallery. Send your photos to Scott Klemm of the FCI at sklemm@fsilg.coop.

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