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May 2, 2008

10:45 – 12:30 p.m. | Parallel Sessions and Symposia (choose one of four)

(1) Innovation in globalizing industries: U.S. firms in a flatter world

Jeffrey Macher, Georgetown University (chair)

Personal computing
Ken Kraemer, University of California, Irvine | Paper (PDF)

Solid state lighting
Susan Sanderson, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute | Paper (PDF)

Iain Cockburn, Boston University

(2) Travel and tourism for economic development

The future Chinese outbound tourism market
h Harrill, University of South Carolina (chair)

The real estate content of travel and tourism in a globalizing world
Cynthia Kroll* and Ashok Bardhan, University of California at Berkeley | Paper (PDF)

The present and future of medical travel: Trends and questions for the tourism industry
Andrew N. Garman* and Tricia J. Johnson, Rush University

Casinos, hotels, and crime
William Reece, West Virginia University

(3) Institutions, strategies, & workforce outcomes

David Weil, Boston University (chair)

Technological and organizational changes in employment and labor-management relations in the electronic media industry
Lois Gray and Maria Figueroa*, Cornell University | Slides (PDF)

Reconstructing construction unions: Beyond top down and bottom up
Dale Belman, Michigan State University,* and Allen Smith, Innovative Construction Research | Paper (PDF)

Building a better workplace: The use and impact of union-negotiated work-family flexibility policies in U.S. and Australian universities
Peter Berg,* and Ellen Kossek, Michigan State University, and Marian Baird, Sydney University (Australia)

Competitiveness and workforce development: The case of the Boston area advanced technical education connections (BATEC)
Ramon Borges-Mendez, University of Massachusetts, Boston | Paper (PDF)

(4) Energy, security, and sustainability

Karen Polenske, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (chair)

The economic development potential of wind energy
Joan Fitzgerald, Northeastern University

Emerging organizational field: Enacting opportunity in an as yet unrecognized industry
Alfred Marcus* and Marc Anderson, University of Minnesota | Paper (PDF)

Multifaceted transition dynamics for alternative fuel vehicles and transportation systems
Jeroen Struben, Massachusetts Institute of Technology | Paper (PDF)

Security-Preparedness of Firms in U.S. Food Supply Chain
Swati Agiwal and Jean Kinsey, University of Minnesota, and Hamid Mohtadi, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and University of Minnesota | Paper (PDF)

(5) R & D in China and India 

Gary Gereffi, Duke University (chair)

A comparison of VC investment patterns in China and India
Martin Kenney, University of California at Davis, and Rafiq Dossani, Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center, Stanford University

Divergent globalizations of R&D: Semiconductor design in India and China
Douglas B. Fuller, Kings College (UK)

The divergent paths of microchip design in China and India
Clair Brown* and Greg Linden, University of California at Berkeley | Paper (PDF)

Hierarchical segmentation of R&D process: Evidence from multinational R&D labs in China
Xiaohong Quan, San Jose University | Paper (PDF)


*Denotes Presenter