MIT ISG 2005 Iranian-American Community Survey Advisory Group

The Iranian Studies Group at MIT wishes to express its gratitude to the following individuals and organizations for providing feedback on the survey. 

Ms. Noosheen Hashemi  Founder and President, HAND Foundation
Dr. Akbar Mahdi Professor, Ohio Wesleyan University
Mr. Darr Hashempour Community Activist
Dr. Mohammad Ala Community Activist, Professor, California State University-Los Angeles
Dr. Mohammad Navab Community Activist, Professor, University of California-Los Angeles
Ms. Dokhi Fassihian National Iranian-American Council
Mr. Hossein Hosseini Community Activist, NIPOC
Mr. Behrooz Vakili Community Activist
Mr. Shahriar Afshar Community Activist
Frances Nedjat Haiem University of Southern California
Dr. David Rahni Community Activist, Professor, Pace University
Mr. Alireza Taghi Community Activist
Society for Promotion of Persian Culture Indiana