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Challenge 6: Soldier Power

Develop a lightweight, renewable Soldier borne power generation source that weighs under a pound and produces at least 3.5W of power. The renewable power system must not impede Soldier mobility, agility or maneuverability. The renewable power source solution may harness solar or kinetic energy to provide an on-the-move rechargeable capability that extends both battery life and the time elapsed between battery exchanges.

The potential benefit of this capability may include providing a dispersed and decentralized force the ability to generate, recharge, detach, and swap power sources to maintain operational requirements up to 72 hours while providing the ability to re-charge most commercially available batteries. The device would be as applicable in the civilian/commercial world as in the military community where it could support activities that include dismounted infantry operations, special operations, humanitarian assistance, reconstruction efforts, disaster relief, and maritime interdiction.

Potential technology solution candidates include:

(1) Solar, kinetic, or mechanical renewable energy source
(2) Soldier Power Regeneration Kit (SPARK)

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