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Challenge 7: Open Design Solution to Current Soldier Need

General Description of Need: The U.S. Army conducts many varied types of operations that include humanitarian assistance and peace-keeping operations. These varied missions and the environments in which they take place demand that the Soldier is supported with well-designed, lightweight, highly functional equipment.

Project Mission Statement: Propose to the ISN the designing and building of a prototype piece of individual or small unit equipment that assists Soldiers in performing their various missions. Gain ISN permission to proceed.

Specific Required Performance Objectives:

  • Proposed projects will not relate to weapons.
  • This proposed project will remain UNCLASSIFIED.
  • Proposed projects should be useful across different missions and have the potential to become a product in the short term.
  • This proposed project must be approved by the ISN in writing prior to proceeding. Please email your project proposal to by November 15.
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