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Prospectus Preparation Guidelines
The ISN asks that companies wishing to participate in the ISN Consortium as Major Industrial Members or Small Business Industrial Members prepare a short prospectus stating their vision for protecting the Soldier through nanotechnology, the company's core competencies relevant to that vision, and the proposed level of cost sharing they will provide to leverage Army funding. The prospectus will be reviewed to determine if the company's core competencies are congruent with the needs of the ISN.

Before preparing your prospectus, you may want to review the current research projects of the ISN. A page summarizing each of approximately 40 projects is available in the Research section of this web site.

Format and Content
The prospectus for becoming an ISN Consortium member should be submitted to the ISN electronically as a Word document consisting of a one-page cover sheet and a narrative that should not exceed two single-spaced pages.

Cover Sheet

  • Title of proposed membership activity
  • Name of company
  • Contact person with phone and email
  • Date of submittal
  • Executive summary (250 words or less)

Narrative (2 pages)
  • Company background: please state your company’s core businesses, years of operation, number of employees, and experience with nanotechnology and with defense-related work.
  • Collaboration objectives: please state the short- and long-term goals of your proposed membership in the ISN Consortium. Please be as specific as possible in discussing how you plan to collaborate with the ISN, mentioning specific ISN research projects if possible.
  • Core competencies: please state your core competencies, relevant to the ISN mission. Competencies may be in research, development, engineering, or technology transitioning and can also include specific technologies, key personnel, or equipment. Please relate these core competencies to your proposed objectives above.
  • Expected benefits: please state how your membership in the ISN Consortium will contribute to the ISN mission in terms of new products developed for the Army. Please also indicate any expected spinoffs for commercial markets.
  • Research planning: please suggest a plan for working with the ISN that covers the types of research you propose and a potential timeframe for conducting that research.
  • Co-investment: please state the level of cost sharing you will provide the ISN (in terms of cash, equipment, personnel located at the ISN, etc.) and the schedule over which you will provide it.

Prospectus Submission
Please submit any prospecti to ISN Director of Outreach Franklin Hadley <>. Similarly, please feel free to contact Mr. Hadley with any questions you may have about the partnering process.

MIT Building NE47, 4th Floor, 77 Massachusetts Avenue Cambridge, MA 02139 (617) 324-4700