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MIT's Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies (ISN) is a partnership of MIT, the Army, and industry to apply innovative nanotechnology to improving the survivability of the the soldier of the future. Students, both graduate and undergraduate, conduct much of the research that goes on at the ISN.

Graduate Students
The ISN is not an academic department at MIT and thus does not accept students directly. Students wishing to perform master's or PhD-level research on ISN-affiliated projects may do so by applying for admission to one of the academic departments to which an ISN faculty member belongs, then choosing an ISN-affiliated faculty member as a research advisor. Cross-over is possible: for example, a materials science and engineering student may choose an advisor from the chemistry department, etc. Graduate admissions information is available from individual academic departments:

Undergraduate Students
Most UROP positions at the ISN are filled directly through the faculty member(s) supervising specific research projects. However, from time to time, general ISN research staff have UROP positions available. For more information, see our page on the UROP web site.

ISN-Army Labs Summer Internship Program
Working with Army Lab colleagues, the ISN at MIT established this program to provide opportunities for MIT students to conduct summer research at Army research facilities working under the direction of Army scientists. Opportunities are typically available in a number of U.S. locations including Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, and Mississippi.

Soldier Design Competition
The SDC was established in 2003 to engage MIT undergraduate students in the Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies, and in 2004 was expanded to include cadets from the United States Military Academy. Drawing on the academic, Army and industry communities that make up Team ISN, the SDC provides students with hands-on experience in the design and prototyping of technology solutions to real world problems in protection and survivability faced by the modern Soldier and first responder. The Finals of SDC7 were held on April 15, 2010. SDC8 kicked off at MIT and USMA in September 2010, and the Finals will follow in April 2011. Learn more about the Competition here.

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