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Project 1.1.1: Hybrid Quantum Dot-Based Imagers and Emitters with Broadly Tunable Spectral Characteristics

Photodetector arrays and emitters based on colloidal quantum dots (QDs) as the active material, or as part of a hybrid device, have the potential to offer novel efficient imagers and displays that span a broad spectral range that covers the Army relevant UV, short wavelength IR (SWIR) and mid wavelength IR (MWIR) regions. We combine novel QD synthesis, fundamental charge transport studies, and the design, implementation and characterization of a variety of novel hybrid organic/QD and inorganic/QD photodetecting and light emitting devices. We develop testing protocols for device performance to measure fundamental device properties, including noise characteristics, device response, and quantum efficiency metrics. We investigate hybrid organic/QD and oxide/QD photovoltaic, photoconductive, and light emitting structures that efficiently separate charge for light detection, or efficiently generate excitons for light emission. We combine QD films with high performance read out electronics and imagers provided by our close collaborations with Industry and ARL-SEDD for proof of concept demonstrations.


Project 1.1.1 Researchers

Prof. Klavs Jensen
Prof. Moungi Bawendi
Prof. Vladimir Bulovic
Prof.Marc Kastner

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