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Project 1.3.2: Responsive Surface Texturing and Coloring

The far-field appearance of color of a material can be controlled by tailoring the nano-structure of the material at length-scales substantially smaller than the wavelength of light of interest. This principle can be applied at almost any wavelength of interest (e.g. visible, infrared, microwave...) If the nano-structure is tailored dynamically, a dynamic control of the far-field electromagnetic appearance (or response) can be accomplished. In this project, we propose to explore nano-photonic techniques to dynamically tailor electromagnetic appearance and response, including: color, texture, thermal signature, and microwave response. If the techniques to be explored and developed in this project are successful, they could aid in Soldier survivability by reducing detection in the field.


Project 1.3.2 Researchers

Prof. John D. Joannopoulos, Department of Physics
Prof. Karen K. Gleason, Department of Chemical Engineering
Prof. Marin Soljacic, Department of Physics

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