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Project 3.3.4: Predictive Multi-scale Deformation and Injury of Soft Tissues

We propose to measure and model the deformation of hydrated soft tissue under dynamic mechanical loading, integrating our novel in vitro and in vivo experimental methods and advanced computational simulation tools. Deformation of brain tissue, liver tissue, and cardiac muscle tissue will be measured both in situ in a porcine animal model, and in vitro, under deformation histories and strain rate regimes of relevance to the design of Soldier protective systems. Mechanisms and thresholds for mechanical injury will be investigated using biomimetic cell and tissue culture environments. Our multiscale experiments and computational modeling tools afford access to the structural and mechanical heterogeneity within the tissues, down to the level of single-cell deformation that leads to tissue injury and reduction of organ function. These structure-property-injury relations will be integrated within biofidelic computational framework capable of predicting the extent of cell and tissue damage over a wide range of loading conditions. The final objective of this effort is to transition the resulting findings, tools and approaches to maximize their impact on the prevention of injuries to our military. Transitions will be accomplished through collaboration paths to the Protection Equipment Design military community already established by the team.


Project 3.3.4 Researchers

Prof. Keith Nelson, Department of Chemistry
Prof. Raul Radovitzky, Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Dr. Simona Socrate, Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies

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