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Project 4.2.1: Chem-Bio Analyte Sensing with Hybrid Quantum Dot Constructs

The aim of this project is to design, synthesize, and demonstrate novel "smart" fluorescent quantum dot (QD) constructs for chem-bio sensing. The objective is to turn a passive QD fluorophore into a reporter of its environment. This new sensing will be able to sensitively and quantitatively sense analytes, ranging from measurement of pH, pO2, or glucose in blood, useful in medical monitoring of soldier health, to chem-bio agents that are threats to the soldier. These QD constructs are self-referencing based on analyte binding modulated fluorescence energy transfer (FRET) between a QD and one or more dye molecules (or another QD). Specific objectives of this program are: (1) to design and develop robust QD ligands and conjugation schemes compatible with chem.-bio sensing schemes, (2) to design and develop novel sensing pathways based on modulated FRET between a QD donor and another fluorophore as an acceptor, (3) to design and synthesize appropriate sensing dye molecules as FRET acceptors, and (4) to demonstrate sensitive and quantitative sensing of chosen targets.


Project 4.2.1 Researchers

Prof. Moungi Bawendi, Department of Chemistry
Prof. Daniel Nocera, Department of Chemistry

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