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ResearchslashSRA 05

Nanosystems Integration for Protected Communications, Diagnostic Sensing, and Operational Flexibility in Complex Environments

The goal of SRA5 is the integration of nano-scale and nano-enabled materials and devices into systems that provide the Soldier with enhanced flexibility to operate in complex environments e.g., through capabilities to sense toxic chemicals, pressure, and temperature, shield electronics from electromagnetic interference, detect sound and other mechanical vibrations, and allow groups of Soldiers to communicate free of enemy eavesdropping.

Theme 5.1: Optoelectronic Fiber Platforms with Real-Time Modulation Capabilities

  • Project 5.1.1: Ferroelectric Acoustic Fibers
  • Project 5.1.2: Resistivity-Based Microfluidic Biosensing
  • Project 5.1.3: Rugged, High Sensitivity Integrated Photonic Chemical Sensing
  • Project 5.1.4: Molecular Recognition Using Carbon Nanotube Adsorbed Polymer and Bio-Polymer Phases — Synthetic Nanotube Templated Antibodies
  • Theme 5.2: Multicapability Systems for Communications, Sensing, and Signal Processing

  • Project 5.2.1: Multifunctional Integrated Fabrics
  • Project 5.2.2: Enabling Novel Lightwave Phenomena
  • Project 5.2.3: Spatial Awareness Around Corners
  • Theme 5.3: Lightweight Power and Energy for Enhanced Battlesuit Functionality and Protection

  • Project 5.3.1: Novel Thermal Radiation Management Using Advanced Photonic Crystals

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