Syllabus for Soldier Design Contest IAP (evening optional lectures) Under Construction

Tuesday 24 Jan 6PM Autodesk BUILD Space, 23 Dry Dock Avenue, Boston (see link below)
Learn Autodesk Fusion 360, earn $250! Also tour the Autodesk Rapid Prototyping (BUILD) Facility.

Facilitator : Mike Alracazen

Wednesday 25 Jan 6PM Room 32-155
TI Hackathon

Facilitator : Mark Easley
Link to this years info

Thursday 26 Jan 6PM Room 32-155
GPU Hackathon, sponsored by NVIDIA

Facilitator : Eliot Eshelman
Link to this years info

Tuesday 31 Jan 6PM Room 32-155
4-D Rubik's Cube Construction

Facilitator : TBD