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North America 2012-2013


Summary for North America     Totals
Total Undergrad Students: 22
Total Grad Students: 239
Total Special: 2
Total Exchange/Visiting: 4
Total Students From Region: 267
Percent of Total Int'l Students: 7.59%

Breakdown by Country

Citizenship    UG    G   Special
- UG
- G
Canada 22 239   2 4 267

Note: These statistics were compiled on October 19, 2012 for the academic year 2012-2013. The Registrar Office's "Y Report" and international enrollment statistics exclude all exchange/visiting and study abroad students unless otherwise noted, but include all special students. Three study abroad students are included in the total "undergraduate" category counts.

ISO statistics from previous years include all non-degree students in the undergraduate and graduate count. This year's exchange/visiting student count does not distinguish between undergraduate and graduate levels.

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