For Students

Orientation Program

All international students are required by immigration law to go through an immigration session with the ISO upon arrival to MIT. During this immigration session, an ISO advisor will discuss immigration documents, how to maintain legal status, employment in the US, travel, and other miscellaneous important information. If you have been admitted as a degree candidate to MIT and plan to enroll in the Fall semester, you will also have the opportunity to participate in a longer orientation period with your other fellow students. Please see those schedules below:

Online Check-In

In addition to attending an ISO immigration session, all new students are required to check-in online with the ISO and upload electronic versions of your immigration documents to our system. Please complete the Online Check-In AFTER you arrive in the US. The online check-in instructions are below:

  1. 1. Login to and click "Full Client Services for Students"
  2. 2. Enter your kerberos/email information to log in
  3. 3. After logging into your iMIT account, click on the “Pre-Arrival” menu item and double-click “Online Check-In”
  4. 4. Click “Start a New Request”
  5. 5. Complete all items on the Online Check-In pages
  6. 6. After the completion of the check-in pages and the attendance at any required ISO immigration sessions, the ISO will clear the immigration holds on the student account
If you have any questions, please email for more information.

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