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Who We Are

We are all the Israelis in MIT. We are undergrads, grads, sloanies, PhDs, faculty, affiliates and family members. This association was created as an initiative of 2 undergraduate students who simply missed home. Our longing ended up as this: The MIT Israeli Association, which now includes more than 80 members from MIT, Harvard, BU, Brandeis, UMass, the Boston area etc. Recognized by the ASA, we are a part of the MIT community. Our main goal is to make us all feel at home. This means helping new students settle in, celebrate holidays the Israeli way, watching Israeli football and going to Israeli performances together. As we evolve, we are planning on connecting between graduating students and job openings back home, expand the connection between universities in Israel and MIT, and serve as the contact organization for any Israel related issues.

More specifically, we are:

Sharon Rapoport (Co-President and social chair): Hi everyone. I am Sharon, class of 2010, majoring in physics and minoring in astronomy. Itai and I are best friends, well, there are only 4 Israeli undergraduate so the pick wasn’t that hard (I love you too very much Tal and Yoni!) So, yes, there are only 4 of us, but there are around 100 graduate students! We didn’t know any of them, and thought it might be nice having some more Israelis around. Itai is awesome, but, you know, there’s a limit to how much time you can spend with one person before he gets on your nerves… so instead of being weird and going around on facebook looking for friends, we decided to start this organization. Which worked! Now we have all these events, a lot of organizing to do, meetings and budgets… maybe I should have just gone on facebook…

Itai Turbahn (Co-President and treasurer): Itai asked me to write something for him, he is not that strong on the writing, but he is doing this whole website, so I guess we are even. Itai is class of 2011, majoring in, take some air: Computer science, electrical engineering and economics! Well, freshman, give him a year and this list will narrow down… Itai always wanted to get into MIT and major in all it has to offer. To make sure he is not missing on anything, he is also a member of the Undergraduate Association and I heard something about helping some fruit club supporters… When he is not working on this website or forgetting to buy milk, he works in the Media Lab on his next big invention. I think his dream is for that invention to include the necessity of him having an iPhone. As you probably noticed Itai is the serious one, I guess if I really wanted to represent what he would say if he was writing this, it would be something like: If anyone wants to help and take an active part in the association please don’t hesitate to contact us! So, listen to Itai, he’s a smart guy.



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