IT Architecture Group:ITAG

Information technology reaches into every aspect of the MIT community. IT has become pervasive in all facets of the academic, research, and administrative enterprise.  The MIT Information Technology (I/T) Architecture Group is charged with defining, maintaining, improving, and communicating to the community about MIT’s I/T architecture, including data and objects. This Institute reference architecture provides a framework for a coherent, effective, secure, robust, scalable, and adaptable infrastructure which enables applications that address MIT’s educational and business needs.


The I/T Architecture Group will set directions and make recommendations for the Institute’s I/T infrastructure including hardware, operating systems, networks, databases, and infrastructure services, as well as components, data, and the development tools. The group will also coordinate the timely and smooth migration of the MIT I/T infrastructure.

Working with the community, the I/T Architecture Group will set strategy, policy, standards, principles, and guidelines related to information technology architecture, infrastructure, and design of applications. It will provide a forum for the discussion of I/T architecture, standards, design issues, and directions. The group will also promote an understanding of the current architecture and the use of the infrastructure within the I/T community.

The I/T Architecture Group will maintain oversight of information technology infrastructure and application design for new and changing I/T systems and services. By some combination of review, consulting, and technical assistance, the group will ensure that the infrastructure and applications adhere to the Institute’s I/T architecture. In the same way, the group will ensure that applications are designed to work with the I/T infrastructure and integrate into the I/T environment while maintaining their value to the Institute. The group will review any I/T system or service that meets any of the following five criteria. The system or service:

  • is critical to MIT’s educational or business mission.
  • will be used by MIT community members outside the originating MIT department, lab, center, or organization that is developing it.
  • adds to or modifies the I/T infrastructure.
  • requires significant use of MIT’s I/T infrastructure.
  • entails substantial costs or special Institute funds to implement, operate, or support.