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"Volunteers to Bring Internet to School in India:" story in MIT Tech, May 8, 1998:

Indian Railways Plans To Set Up Rs. 200 Crore Internet Backbone, April 30, 1998:

          The Indian Railways is planning to set up a Rs. 200 crore optical fibre Internet and data transmission backbone along railway lines in the country. It will have a total end-to-end length of 20,000 kilometres. The proposal for the 3-year project proposal will be sent to railways minister Nitish Kumar for final clearance soon. Initial capacity of the backbone will be 2 gigabits per second.

TCS Sets Up Web Centre Near New Delhi, April 30, 1998:

          Tata Consultancy Services has set up a specialised centre for Internet business solutions at Gurgaon, near New Delhi. The centre will target Web solutions for banking, airlines and telecom sectors, as well as consulting and software development, according to Surya Kant, group leader, Corporate Internet Services group. TCS recently consulted for the Ministry of External Affairs Web site.

More Internet Software Companies Set Up Shop In India, April 30, 1998:

          Cupertino-based Softplus, a leading provider of software products and solutions for the Internet/Intranet and call centres, plans to set up an R&D center at its existing software development center at SEEPZ, Mumbai. Products under development include BillEX, an Internet-based billing and customer management system for telecom and utility companies built with Java. SR Singapore, a Singapore-based software house with operations in the U.S. and Australia, has drawn up a comprehensive plan to expand its operations in India to release two e-commerce products for the banking and health sectors.

International Data Corp. Study, April 27, 1998: "Web-Based Training Market to Top $6 Billion by 2002"

          IDC's research found that Web-based training in the U.S. produced $197 million in revenue in 1997. The $6 billion figure by 2002 represents a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of almost 95% from 1997 to 2002.

U.S. Commerce Department Report, April 15, 1998: "The Emerging Digital Economy"

          Information technology, including business on the Internet, is growing twice as fast as the overall economy in the United States

          Information Technology industry employs 7.4 million American workers, some of whom earn among the nation's highest average salaries.

          Traffic on the Internet has doubled every 100 days and worldwide Internet commerce among business will likely surpass $300 billion by 2002, the report concluded.

          The Internet is growing faster than all other technologies that have preceded it. Radio existed for 38 years before it had 50 million listeners, and television took 13 years to reach that mark. The Internet crossed the line in just four years.

          In 1994, a mere 3 million people worldwide were connected to the Internet. By the end of last year, more than 100 million were using it.

          Without information technology, U.S. inflation in 1997 would have been 3.1 percent, more than a full percentage point higher than the 2 percent it was.

          Workers in the information technology industry earn an average of almost $46,000 annually, compared to an average of $28,000 for the private sector overall. Workers in the software and service industries are the highest wage earners, at almost $56,000 annually.

Article about Project India Connect in MIT's Tech Talk , April 8, 1998

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