Educational Lesson Plan Outline

Note: This is only a preliminary outline that is subject to change before the actual project start date.

Importance of the Internet


        - software
        - hardware
        - representation of digital information

Overview of Internet applications

        - email
        - FTP
        - world wide web

Description of Internet connectivity

        - Internet backbone
        - protocols
        - LAN / WAN
        - modems
        - ethernet

Navigating the world wide web

        - types of files (.jpg, .html, .pdf, .wav, etc.)
        - Java scripts
        - types of sites (.gov, .edu, .in, .org, etc.)

Creating a web page

        - hardware / software requirements
        - HTML code primer

Current popular internet scripting languages

        - HTML
        - JAVA
        - SGML?

Various HTML and JAVA programming assignments

Emerging technologies

        - XML

General computing issues

        - Y2K problem
        - privacy and security
        - faster hardware limits
        - bandwidth limitations

Future of internet and information technology

        - trends
        - limitations
        - forecasted technologies (computer interfaces, portability, etc.)

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