Pune, India team

Rahul Rathi, COO Beharay Rathi Group - Chairman, ITEP India

Rahul Rathi, 26, has completed his undergraduate studies in polymer engineering from University of Pune. He has been working with the Beharay Rathi Group for the last 3 years. The group is involved in construction, real estate development, construction research, hotels and polymer product manufacturing for the agricultural industry. His interests include squash, bridge and travelling. He has been admitted to GSIA at Carnigie Mellon University starting this Fall.

Mrs. Kalmadi

Malathi Kalmadi is a social worker keenly interested in education. Having had the experience of teaching for three years she monitors the activities and administration of Dr. Kalmadi Shamarao High School. She is the joint Secretary of Kannada Sangh which runs the school. She is on the board of various organisations like Indian association of Pre- school Education and U.W.A.P's Musiquest centre for the handicapped (spastics) and the Director of Vishwa Bharati Language Centre which conducts courses in Indian and foreign languages. She is a facilitator at 'Srujan' a centre of creativity for teachers and students. She believes in 'Learning by doing' creativity and the overall development of children. She will be the Pune co-ordinator for ITEP after Rahul.

Mrs. Nadig, Principal of Dr. Kalmadi Shamrao School

Biography to be added soon.

MIT - Cambridge, MA team

Chad Brodel

Chad Brodel is a second year student at MIT. He describes himself as a "military brat" (that is the son of a military officer) who moved between thirteen schools and five countries in his twelve years of education. He says that this taught him early on that knowledge can come from anywhere, not just textbooks. "I have rowed a felucca across the Nile at Luxor, and raced mopeds around Capri, have spent winters snowed in only a hundred miles from the DMZ and North Korea, and survived New Year's Eve in London." He has never been to India, though he has wanted to go for some time.

Ajay Kulkarni

Ajay Kulkarni is a freshman at MIT, who plans to major in computer science. Although his parents are from the cities of Nagpur and Pune in India, he has been raised in Livingston, NJ. However, ever since he spent a year in Pune during ninth grade, he has grown a certain affection towards that city and towards Indian culture in general. He looks forward to returning to India now as a much older college student.

Dr. Kenneth Keniston, primary faculty advisor for ITEP

Dr. Keniston is the Andrew Mellon Professor of Human Development and Director of Projects for the Program in Science, Technology, and Society at MIT. His research focuses on the development of technological professionals, and on the internationalization of software.

Matthew Norwood

Matthew Norwood is a third-year student majoring in computer science and psychology. In his spare time, he is an amateur actor and a student of comparative religion (his most recent interests in that field have been the spiritual tenets of Hinduism.) He is looking forward to the opportunity to teach high school students some of the skills he has acquired at MIT.

Noshirwan Petigara

Noshirwan Petigara is a freshman at MIT. He has a bicultural background. His mother is American, while his father is Indian. He has lived in Bombay for most of his life. He now is studying at MIT in the field of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

Vinay Pulim

Vinay Pulim is a graduate student in Computer Science and will receive his Masters Degree in June, 1998. He was born in South India where he lived for six years before moving to the United States in 1981. Vinay has been involved with ITEP since its formation. Since he plans to remain at MIT next year to begin work on a Ph.D. he will be closely involved with the ITEP during its second year.

Ameet Ranadive, ITEP founder - Chairman, ITEP USA

Ameet Ranadive is a graduate student in Electrical Engineering and the founding member of ITEP. He visits Mumbai and Pune every year for three or four weeks. He is very interested in technology proliferation in India, particularly the Internet, computers, and telecommunications. His hobbies include reading, exercise, and travelling. He will be graduating in June 1998 with a master's degree, after which he plans to join Hewlett-Packard as a circuit design engineer.

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