General Questions for the School

School Logistics Questions

What are the dates that the program would occur during? (late June-mid August)

Ans : Early July to late August

When do the students return to school from vacation?

8th June 1998

What level students would we be targeting? (9th?) Can we target more than one standard?

9th and 10th standard (two levels) 20 students from each group

How would the school choose the students participating (assuming that we have to restrict the size of the program)?

Entrance exam.

How long have the students been learning English?

Minimum 10 years

Would we have access to classrooms for lectures?


Who would be the faculty involved? Head of computer lab? Do we have a commitment from the faculty to participate in the project?

All computer teachers yes

What is the formal process we would need to go through in order to obtain school approval for this project?

The signing of the MOU was the approval. (The school has a copy)

What would be some projects that the school is interested in working on?

Virtual classroom?

Indian history (independence movement, etc.)


Diversity of India?


School Computer Laboratory Questions

Exactly how many computers does the school currently have?


How many Pentiums? 486? 386? 286?

Pentium 1

486 - 5

386 - 12

286 - 8

pentium server - 1

Does the computer lab have two dedicated telephone lines?


Do the Pentiums have modems?


Does the lab have a printer?

Yes Wipro ex1050 plus

Does the school have a quality copier? If not, where could we get cheap access?

No Can be managed

Does the school have a scanner? If not, where could w get cheap access?

No Can be managed

What hours would the computer lab be available for use (morning, evening, etc.)?


Does the school have its own TCP/IP internet accounts?


What, if any, are the restrictions upon who can use the computer facilities?

No restrictions

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