Information Technology Governance Committee (ITGC)

Related Committees

The ITGC oversees the following committees:

  • Administrative Systems and Policies Coordinating Council (ASPCC)
    This group focuses on improving campus-wide administrative systems and related processes and policies in support of the Institute’s mission. Chaired by the Assistant Director for Finance and Administration, Josh Freedman.

  • Committee on Research Computing
    This group's charge is to advise the VP for Research and the IT Governance Committee on priorities and opportunities in research computing at MIT. Co-chaired by Bob Redwine, Professor, Department of Physics and Director of Bates Linear Accelerator and Greg Rutledge, Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering.

  • Information Technology Policy Committee
    The Information Technology Policy Committee serves as a consultative body for the Information Technology Governance Committee on IT policy and issues pertaining to the use of IT in teaching and learning, research, and other professional activities of the faculty and IT community. In addition, it addresses issues of privacy and security of electronic data, with respect to collection, access and retention periods. Chaired by Robert Redwine, Professor of Physics and Director of Bates Linear Accelerator.

  • IS&T Student Technology Advisory Group
    This group is composed of students and two IS&T staff members, and is intended to be the primary method through which IS&T can solicit feedback from the student community about IS&T's services, both current and planned. The Faculty & Student Experience (FSX) Group from the IS&T Customer Support area is the contact point between IS&T and the Student Technology Advisory Board.

  • IT Leaders
    This group brings together IT Leaders from across the Institute to share best practices for IT and review and discuss IT plans for the Institute. Chaired by John Charles, VP for IS&T.

  • MIT’s Council on Educational Technology (MITCET)
    This group focuses on providing strategic guidance and oversight of MIT institutional activities concerning the application of information technology to education, and it advises the ITGC and the Provost on priorities, policies, and opportunities. Co-chaired by Professor Sanja Sarma and the Dean for Undergraduate Education, Dennis Freeman.

  • Student Systems Steering Committee (SSSC)
    This group focuses on collaboratively and proactively ensuring that the vision of education systems worthy of MIT are achieved. Co-chaired by the Dean for Undergraduate Education, Dennis Freeman and the Dean for Graduate Education, Christine Ortiz.