Enjoy Japanese B-Spec Tech Products!!

What is B-Spec Tech?

Not high-tech (A-Spec), but amazing products that benefit our daily life by sophisticating common technology and/or focusing on human-centered design.

how to enjoy?

In MIT Spring Japanese Festival "HANAMI", you can try the fantastic products and vote for your favorite one!

Date: Friday, April 29, 2016
Time: 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Location: Morss Hall, Walker Memorial (Bld. 50), MIT

Facebook page: MIT Spring Japanese Festival "HANAMI"

What kind of awards?

1. Grand Award
The product getting the most votes from participants in the event
Award for nominee: Dinner for two at o ya (omakase dinner for two up to $500)

*o ya: Japanese food restraunt providing high quality and artistic dishes crafted in elegant surrounds (o ya website)

2. Special Award
The product which our special judges select as wonderful B-Spec products

Award for nominee: Delta Airline coupon for $200

How to nominate B-Spec Tech PRODUCTS?

You can introduce your favorite Japanese B-Spec Tech products to the MIT community. Please check the application guideline below. Apply now and win the prizes!

Application is super easy, in 5 mins!

Apply now!!

Example of B-Spec Products

Japanese cling wrap

Amazingly Easy to tear off and to wrap

Product: New Krewrap

Company: KUREHA

Learn more

Color Marker with window

Able to read letters when you mark

Product: Propus Window

Company: Mitsubishi Pencil / Uni

Learn more