The Game of Life!

Have you ever read about John Conway's Game of Life but couldn't visualize it? Did you spend many sleepless nights fantasizing about what it might look like? Did your friends abandon you whilst you searched the world for the true meaning of cellular automata? If so, wander no further! Introducing the awesomest ever simulation of Conway's Game of Life. Simply choose an initial configuration of live cells and watch the terror unfold! By the way, this 'plane' is a toroid, i.e. the edges wrap around to each other--this is contrary to technical definition of the Game of Life, wherein the plane is infinite.

To get started, select a preset radio button below the game and click the button labeled "Load Preconfigured Cells," then click "Play." If a certain program execution has terminated, you can start another one by selecting another Preset and starting over.

You can also simply click the cells to toggle them on or off. Note: you can even toggle cells manually while the game is playing, but do this at your own risk!

Lastly, you can skip to any future generation by using the input form just below. However, large numbers (on the order of 1000 and higher) will take awhile to calculate, so have patience.

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Copyright 2014, Jake Barnwell, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.