jeanne bamberger

professor emerita of music and urban education
massachusetts institute of technology
music and theater arts

visiting professor of education
university of california, berkeley
(510) 527-9432
jbamb (at)

developing musical intuitions (oxford u. press © 2000)
impromptu @ (software download)
developing musical structures (open courseware)

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sample publications:

Bamberger, J. (2006). "What develops in musical development?" In G. MacPherson (ed.) The child as musician: Musical development from conception to adolescence. Oxford, U.K. Oxford University Press. [ oup | draftpdf ]

Bamberger, J., and A. diSessa (2004). "Music as embodied mathematics: A study of a mutually informing affinity," International Journal of Computers for Mathematical Learning. Vol 8 #2: 123-160 [ pub | draftpdf ]