jeanne bamberger

professor emerita of music and urban education
music and theater arts, massachusetts institute of technology
jbamb (at)

adjunct professor
department of music, university of california, berkeley
(510) 527-9432

2019 SEMPRE Lifetime Achievement Award

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discovering the musical mind
(oxford u. press © 2013)

developing musical intuitions
(oxford u. press © 2000)

impromptu @
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Impromptu, the companion software to Developing Musical Intuitions and available for use on all computer platforms, is designed to help students become active and engaged music makers—listeners, performers, and creators.

developing musical structures
(open courseware)

Course Highlights
This course features projects which are completed using the computer music authoring environment Impromptu. An open-source version of Impromptu is available in the tools section of this site.

Course Description
The goal of this class is practical: to interrogate, make explicit, and thus to develop the powerful musical intuitions that are at work as you make sense of the music all around you. Reflecting, we will ask how this knowledge develops in ordinary and extraordinary ways.