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Field Line Motion In Classical Electromagnetism

John W. Belcher and Stanislaw Olbert

Paper In PDF Format
Small Versions (320x240) of the animations in Avi format (12 Meg zipped)
updated 8/12/2002 with better versions of Figures 4 and 5 movies

Expanded Version of the Paper In PDF Format

A Related Paper: A. Sundquist, "Dynamic Line Integral Convolution for Visualizing Streamline Evolution" in press, IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 2002.

Large Versions (640x480) Versions Of The Three Main Animations

Large Fig 3 Avi 12 MEG File
Large Fig 4 Avi 16 MEG File
Large Fig 5 Avi 23 MEG File

0.7 MEG QuickTime File

3.4 Meg QuickTime File.

Other Animations and Video