Battletech Universe Timeline


2001-2100: Breakthrough

2011 Second Soviet Civil War
2014 End of Soviet Civil War as combined American and Western European troops intervene to end hostilities. 
2020 Development of Fusion power: first fusion reactor.   

Kearny and Fuchida release their initial findings on physics and are ridiculed.

2024 Formation of Western Alliance   
It is composed of forces involved in the war, it includes Japan, Eastern European nations recently liberated, and the now separate seven Russian States.   

The Alliance begins vigorous support of scientific and space exploration efforts. 

2027 First fusion driven spacecraft travels from Earth to Mars in 14 days.   

Myomer fiber research begins. 

2047 Thomas Kearny dies.
2050 The Alliance has established scientific outposts throughout the solar system.   

Private corporations begin establishing commercial colonies in space, resulting in research for better materials and smaller portable fusion reactors.   

Long range space probes launched to nearby stars. Several habitable worlds are discovered. 

2086 Formation of the Terran Alliance.   

The Alliance expanded to 120 member-states.   

The Alliance Parliament replaces weak United Nations. 

2102-2313: Exodus

2102 Faster Than Light (FTL) stardrives developed based on Kearny/Fuchida research.   
  • The JumpShip is invented but the cost of the project causes civil unrest. 
  • 2108 Maiden voyage of an interstellar ship to Tau Alpha Ceti. 
    2116 First colony established on Tau Alpha Ceti IV (New Earth), following the commercial production of FTL spacecraft. 
    2172 Over 100 settled worlds in a 60 light years radius. 
    2177 Rudolph Ryan invents the Iceship to solve water shortage problems. 
    2213 New Avalon settled by colonists composed largely of English, Scottish, Irish, German, and Scandinavian people. 
    2235 More than 600 worlds settled. 
    2236 A group of colonies declares its independence, starting with Denebola.   

    After an 18 month war it is clear that the Terran government lacks the resources necessary to crush the rebellion. 

    2242 Terran government grants independence to all of its colony worlds.   

    Soon the boundary of Terran space shrinks to a 30 light year radius.   

    People begin migrating to escape the unrest on Earth. 

    2250 Rim Worlds Rim Worlds Republic formed.
    2253 Taurus colonized, Taurian Concordat formed.
    2271 Formation of the Free Worlds League.   
    The first of many associations of colonies to be formed as Terra began to lose touch and control of its colonies.
    2312 Over 1500 settlements in a 150 light year radius from Terra. 

    2314-2398 Consolidation

    2314 Collapse of the Terran Alliance due to Civil war on Terra.   
    Warfare broke out between Liberal and Expansionist parties on Terra. Admiral McKenna intervened with Alliance Military Forces and halted the conflict. 
    2315 Creation of the Terran Hegemony. A resurgent Terra under Admiral McKenna managed to regain control over 100 former colonies. 
    2317 Formation of the Federated Suns with the Crucis Pact.   
    Soon after, several mutual defense leagues similar to the Treaty of Marik begin to take shape.
    2319 Formation of the Draconis Combine by Shito Kurita after a brutal military campaign.
    2339 McKenna Dies. 
    2340 Michael Cameron is elected to replace McKenna as Director-Generalship of the Terran Hegemony.   

    During is term in office, The WorkMech is invented using Myomer Technology. 

    2341 Michael Cameron recognize the Lyran Commonwealth (January 5, 2341).
    2367 On July of that year, official birth of the Capellan Confederation.
    2389 The formation of the Inner Sphere and the Periphery.   
    Ten strong, centralized states emerged to rule over the "Human" sphere:   
    • Inner Sphere 
      • Draconis Combine 
      • Federated Suns 
      • Lyran Commonwealth 
      • Free Worlds League 
      • Capellan Confederation 
      • Terran Hegemony
    • Periphery 
      • Magistracy of Canopus 
      • Outworlds Alliance 
      • Taurian Concordant 
      • Rim Worlds Alliance 

    2398-2550 Age of War

    2398 The Age of War begins as forces of the Capellan Confederation and the Free Worlds League clash in the Andurien system. A number of short, bloody conflicts follow throughout the Inner Sphere and the Periphery. 
    2412 Ares Convention signed.   
    After the battle of Tintavel results in thousands of civilian casualties, representatives of the states meet to formulate and sign the Ares Convention, a set of rules for warfare and and a way to minimize civilian casualities. The Ares Convention was written and signed by all of the Inner Sphere states, but by only 2 Periphery states. Though the Ares Convention reduce the damages of war, they also cement war as a way of life, and a method of settling even the smallest disputes. 
    2439 BattleMech invented (Mackie MCK-5S), creating a vehicle with greater mobility and firepower than previous vehicles. 
    2449 First BattleMechs deployed by cargo carrier. 
    2453 First BattleMechs deployed by combat drop. 
    2455 Lyran Commonwealth raid on Hegemony mech production facility on Hesperus II (February 7, 2455).   

    Battlemech technology begins to spread throughout the various states. 

    2459 First use BattleMechs in combat. 
    2449 First DropShip used. 
    2550 The Age of War ends in another battle between Houses Marik and Liao over Andurien. 

    2551-2600 Imperium and Reunification

    2571 Formation of the Star League. Ian Cameron become First Lord, with the rulers of the Inner Sphere holding seats on the High Council. 
    2578 With the Taurian Concordat, The Rim Worlds Republic, and the Magistracy of Canopus resisting all efforts to be brought into the League by diplomatic means, war is declares between the Star League and the Periphery States.   

    Reunification War begins. 

    2597: Reunification completed, the Periphery States surrender, becoming territories ruled by the Star League.   

    The Reunification War claimed more casualties then the entire Age of War. 

    2601-2750 The Good Years   
    (Longest period of peace in recorded Human history)
    2602 Ian Cameron Dies. His son Nicholas is named First Lord. 
    2615 Development of the HyperPulse Generators (HPG), permitting FTL communication. The first message was sent in 2630 into the Lyran Commonwealth.   

    In following years the Star League Establishes a network of stations tying the many systems of the Star League together efficiently for the first time.   

    At the same time, a cheap water purification system is invented, rendering IceShips obsolete.

    2646 Nicholas Cameron named his grandson Michael Cameron as successor. 
    2649 Nicholas Cameron dies. Michael Cameron is now First Lord. 
    2650 When intelligence reports indicate that the Rim Worlds are building their army at an alarming rate, Michael Cameron and the Council issue an edict limiting the size of private forces in the states. Though obvious buildups are halted, secret armies are built and small wars occasionally fought despite the apparent unity of the Star League. 
    2690 Cameron retires as First Lord, his son Jonathan Cameron is designated as his successor. 
    2638 Jonathan Cameron dies of a stroke. His son Simon Cameron take the seat. 
    2750 Over a thousand new worlds were colonized, expanding Human inhabited space to roughly 540 light years in diameter. 

    2751-2784 Crisis and Civil War

    2751 Death of Simon Cameron (February) First Lord of the Star League, Simon Cameron, was accidentally killed, leaving his eight year old son, Richard, heir. General Aleksandr Kerensky is appointed Regent and Protector. 
    2751-2761 Regency   

    The 2650 edict of Micheal Cameron is cancelled.   

    The Council Lords, consisting of the leaders of the great Inner Sphere Houses, increase their armies. They pay for this spending by increasing taxes on the Periphery 

    2762 First Lord Cameron reaches his Majority, and issues an order to disband all independent armies. His proposal is struck down. In response, he dissolves the council, vowing to rule by decree. 
    2763 Richard Cameron's tax edict rejected by the periphery. Kerensky sent to cow the revolt brewing there. 
    2764 Stefan Amaris signs secret pact with Richard to protect Terra. When Cameron House units are sent to the Periphery as well, Amaris forces are the only ones left to guard Terra. 
    2765-2766 Secession   
    17 Periphery worlds secede from the Star League. The Star League Regular Army is deployed to fight the secessionists. 
    2767 Coup   
    Stephan Amaris kills Richard Cameron and every man, woman and child with a drop of Cameron blood. At the same time, his troops move against Terra and other planets of the Terran Hegemony.   

    Amaris declares himself First Lord of the Star League.   

    Kerensky declares cease fire with all Periphery States except the Rim Worlds and declares full war with the Usurper (Stephen Amaris) and his realms. He takes the Rim Worlds Republic, then returns to the Terran Hegemony. 

    2779 After a long campaign,Kerensky liberates Terra, and executes the Usurper and his entire family in retribution for his actions.   

    Of the original 486 divisions of the Star League Regular Army, only 113 still exist.   

    Kerensky proclaims himself Protector of the Realm and invites the Star League Council to reconvene on Terra. The council lords convene and remove Kerensky, while they each pursue their own claim to the office of First Lord.   

    Jerome Blake appointed minister of communications and placed in charge of repairing the Star League Communications network. 

    2781 Dissolution The Council Lords fail to choose a new First Lord and dissolve the Star League 
    2784 Operation Exodus   
    When the leaders of the great houses call for Kerensky's resignation, he gathers a huge fleet of the Star League Army together at New Earth. On November 5th, He and 80% of the SDLF leave the Star League Territory and pass beyond the Periphery. The remainder of the SDLF pledge assistance to the Terran reconstruction effort. 

    2786-3030: The Succession Wars

    2786 Starting with Minoru Kurita, the Lords of the Inner Sphere each declare themselves First Lord of the Star League. 
    2787 The First Succession begins.   

    The Major States are The Draconis Combine ruled by House Kurita, The Free Worlds League ruled by House Marik, the Federated Suns ruled by House Davion, The Capellan Confederation led by House Liao, and the Lyran Commonwealth led by House Steiner.   

    Gerome Blake obtains agreements that the Lords of the Inner Sphere will not attempt to damage the communications network. Communications Authority arises as a neutral power in control of the communications network, in the hopes of saving it and the rapidly disappearing technologies of the Star League.   

    The Ares Convention cast aside in a brutal war. Facilities for producing Technology and knowledge of how to produce them are destroyed at an alarming rate. After such a brutal war a lasting peace is neither expected nor wanted. Instead, the short peace is used to build for the next great war. Because of losses of trade for spare parts for purification equipment, many worlds are abandoned, and water-rich worlds become extremely valuable strategic targets. 

    2788 Hastily recruiting several regiments, Blake takes control of Terra, declaring it a neutral world under protection of the communications authority. The organization soon takes the name Comstar. 
    2796 The Kentares Massacre: Jinjiro Kurita orders his troops to kill all the population on Kentares IV. 
    2808 Comstar becomes an institute for the preservation of Technology and Knowledge, so that it may reveal it to the people of the Inner Sphere when the fighting is over. Unfortunately, in an effort to prevent this preserved technology from adding further years to the conflicts, measures are taken to maintain a monopoly on Star League technical data. This eventually is perverted into an organization which uses its technology in an attempt to dominate the Inner Sphere. 
    2811 ROM, the intelligence directorate of Comstar, is formed to prevent the spread of technology and defection of Comstar personnel. 
    2819 Jerome Blake dies.   
    He is replaced by Conrad Toyama. Toyama initiates the reorganization that will turn Comstar into a religious organization bent on the isolation of Comstar's knowledge and power until the rest of society collapses, at which point Comstar will return to save the human race. 
    2821 End of the First Succession War. 
    2825 Minnesota Tribe attacks Svelvik, Jarrett, Richmond, and Trondheim (4 Draconis Combine worlds).
    2830 The Second Succession War begins.   
    As destructive as the last war, it accelerates the process of technological decline. By the end of the war, technology has sunk overall to 21st century levels, with the great Houses just barely maintaining the technology to fight the war. Though BattleMechs are still built, they can be produced only in small numbers, and spare parts become scarce, as do people capable of doing the repairs. Repair and supply bases become as valuable as water if not more. 
    2837-2838 Free Worlds League interdicted by Comstar after the destruction of the HPG facility on Oriente. 
    2854 By the time Karpov becomes Primus of Comstar, Comstar has begun subtle manipulations of the Inner Sphere, in order to facilitate Comstar's eventual success. To further aid this effort, he opens a number of positions in Comstar to members of Great House and MechWarrior Families, allowing them access to information on events and what little technological innovation was occurring. 
    2864 End of the Second Succession War. 
    2866 Third Succession War   
    The drastic reduction of resources made the Third a relatively limited war compared to the First and the Second. Unwritten rules similar to the Ares conventions are put into force by the warriors themselves, causing much less destruction and slowing, but not stopping, Mankind's slide into barbarism. 
    2960 Creation of the Explorer Corps by Primus Adrienne Sims.   
    Division of Comstar responsible for charting far distant Periphery worlds. 
    3005 The Wolf's Dragoons enter the Inner Sphere. They begin to take work as mercenaries with each of the Successors States. They become known as a top line Mercenary Unit. 
    3010 Morgan and Patrick Kell form their mercenary company, the Kell Hounds 
    3015 Hanse Davion sets up the New Avalon Institute of Science (NAIS), as a semi-military academy and research center for old and new technologies. 
    3022 End of the Third Succession War.   

    House Davion and house Steiner sign the Federated Commonwealth Treaty, creating an alliance between the two houses, and betrothing Archon-Designate Mellisa Steiner to Hanse Davion to unite the two kingdoms. In response, the other three houses form their own alliance in the Concord of Kapteyn. Several attempts are made on Davion's life. 

    3025 Agents of House Liao attempt to replace Hanse Davion with a cloned replacement. Hanse vows revenge. 
    3026 On the planet Helm the mercenary unit, The Grey Death Legion, recovers a Star League Memory Core.
    3028 The Wolf's Dragoon leave Draconis Combine for the Federated Suns.   

    On August 20, wedding of Hanse Davion and Melissa Steiner (Heir Designate of the Lyran Commonwealth). As a wedding gift, Hanse offer the Capellan Confederation.   

    Start of the 4th Succession War.   

    Lyran Commonwealth attack the Draconis Combine.

    3029 St-Ives Compact formed.   

    Tikonov Free Republic formed.   

    Michael Hasek-Davion killed.   

    Federated Suns interdicted by ComStar for an alleged attack on a Comstar station.   

    Later that year, Comstar removes communications interdiction imposed on House Davion . In exchange, Comstar gains the right to garrison its facilities with its own Battlemech troops, gaining 50 regiments by 3050. Precentor Myndo Waterly becomes Primus. She begins taking a more active role in the affairs of the Inner Sphere.

    3030 End of the 4thSuccession War.   
    The Federated Commonwealth declare victory and a cease fire, ending the war.The briefest of all of the Succession Wars, it was a bloody conflict with more worlds changing hands since the First.   

    Draconis Combine receives Star League BattleMechs from ComStar.   

    Duchy of Andurien secedes from Free World League.

    3031-3048: Prosperity

    3031 Tikonov Free Republic absorbed by the Federated Suns.   

    Thomas Marik leaves ComStar.   

    Capellan Confederation attacked by Andurien/Canopus alliance.

    3034 Draconis Combine recognizes Free Rasalhague Republic.   

    Ronin War takes place (Draconis Combine).

    3036 Maximillian Liao, having gone mad during the war, kills himself. Romano Liao takes the throne.
    3037 Duchy of Andurien retaken by the Free World League. 
    3039 The War of 3039 begins.   
    The Federated Suns and the Lyran Commonwealth launch an attack against the Draconis Combine. But the Combine, newly outfitted with Star League Era 'Mechs by Comstar pushed back the attack.
    3040 The War of 3039 ends.
    3041 Armed Forces of the Federated Commonwealth created.