JoAnn Carmin
Associate Professor of Environmental Policy and Planning
Department of Urban Studies and Planning
Massachusetts Institute of Technology



Projects and Reports

Progress and Challenges in Urban Climate Adaptation Planning: Results of a Global Survey. Summary report (with Nikhil Nadkarni and Christopher Rhie) of findings of global survey of urban climate adaptation, prepared for ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability, 2012.

Institutions and Governance in a Changing Climate: Implications for Service Provision and the Urban Poor. Background paper (with Sai Balakrishnan, Eric Chu, and Sabrina McCormick) for Climate Change, Disaster Risk Management, and the Urban Poor. Washington, DC: World Bank, 2011.

Planning Climate Resilient Cities: Early Lessons from Early Adapters. Research paper (with Debra Roberts and Isabelle Anguelovski) and plenary presentation at the World Bank's 5th Urban Research Symposium, “Cities and Climate Change,” 2009.

Achieving Urban Climate Adaptation in Europe and Central Asia.“Achieving Urban Climate Adaptation in Europe and Central Asia.” Policy Research Working Paper, #WPS5088. Washington, DC: World Bank. Background paper for the World Bank report, “Adapting to Climate Change in Europe and Central Asia,” 2009.

Climate Change Campaigns of Transnational NGOs: Summary of Survey Results. Report on climate mitigation and adaptation campaigns of environment and development NGOs (with Kara Reeve and Isabelle Anguelovski), 2008.

Environmental NGOs in Central and Eastern Europe: Summary of Survey Findings. Report on the status of NGOs in Central and Eastern Europe (with Elizabeth Albright, Rachel Healy, and Tegin Teich), prepared for the Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe, 2008.

Directory of Environmental Organizations in Central and Eastern Europe
. Update of online database of environmental NGOs. Developed in cooperation with the Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe, 2007.

The Design and Rigor of U.S. Voluntary Environmental Programs: Results from the VEP Survey. Peer reviewed report prepared for administrators of voluntary environmental programs (with Nicole Darnall, Nicole Krieser, and Joao Mil-Homens), 2003.

Check Your Success: A Guide To Developing Indicators for Community Based Environmental Projects. Supervised the preparation of a report and website for the United States Environmental Protection Agency, 2001.


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